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Four Apps like Celebs Like Me in 2018

Feb 9, 2018

Have you been aimlessly searching around trying to find the best apps like Celebs Like Me? If you have been looking, well look no more because we have compiled a list for you. This list is going to give you four great alternatives to Celebs Like Me that you should try out. If this is your first time hearing about Celebs Like Me, then you should know how cool this app is. This app will tell you which celebrity you look like based on your facial expression.

It is going to tell you which celebrity you look like only based on this limited physical description. This app does not get into or collect any personal information about you. Just like with most similar apps, this should be taken as an entertainment app and never be taken very seriously. If you often wonder which celebrity you look like, this is one of the best apps to try out. Even though Celebs Like Me is a great app and option, there are several other apps that do a similar thing. Here is our list of the top four apps like Celebs Like Me that you should think about downloading right now.

Top 4 Apps like Celebs Like Me for iOS & Android

Celeb You Look Alike– First, on our special list of apps like Celebs Like Me, we have Celeb You Look Alike. This is a great app available for both iOS and Android that allows you to see which celebrity you resemble the most. You need to use a clear picture in order to use this app, so make sure the lighting and your face are good before uploading the picture. With this app, you will see the name of the celebrity that you look like the most.

There is also a filtering system in this app that will be able to automatically detect a male from a female. That means if you are a woman, you will see celebrity look a likes that are also women. If you are a man, then you will get results of men celebrities that look like you. Even better, you get the name of the celebrity with this app. That works out well because sometimes you see a picture of a celebrity but do not know their name. This app will tell you the name and show you a picture of the celebrity, so you can quickly tell other people which celebrity you look like.

Celebalike– Celebalike is a free app on iOS and Android that is one of the top apps like Celebs Like Me. This app works using advanced facial technologies to provide you with the most similar celebrity based on your appearance. You will notice this app will take your facial profile and then run it through the database. The closest matches based on your facial profile are then shown to you. Just like with other apps, you need to use a clear picture showing your face in good lighting for the best results.

This app is very similar to Celebs Like Me in terms of how it works and the closeness you can get with celebrities that look like you. The only bad part about this app is that only several hundred celebrities are in the database. That means you might not get back the most specific of results, since the database does not contain thousands of options like other apps. Either way, it is still a very entertaining app that you can use to see which celebrities look like you. The layout and overall design of this app is very user-friendly and it takes no time to upload your picture or get results.

My Twin Celeb– My Twin Celeb is an Android app that makes this list of the top apps like Celebs Like Me. This app is great because it uses the advanced facial recognition and detection technology. That means this app is going to give you results of the celebrities that look the most like you. It scans most of your face and then runs it through the database. There are thousands of celebrities in the database, which means you are likely to get results that very closely resemble you.

Another benefit and cool thing about My Twin Celeb is that there are no advertisements in this app. A lot of free apps have advertisements, which can be distracting to the user. This app has no advertisements, so you are able to focus on the results of your celebrity look alike. The design and overall layout of the app is great too. It is very user-friendly and it will give you the results pretty quickly, which means no long waiting around while the database is accessed.

PicFace Celebrity Matchup– PicFace Celebrity Matchup is also one of the top apps like Celebs Like Me. This is Android app that allows you see which celebrity most resembles you, with more than 100,000 celebrities in the database. With so many celebrities in the database, you are surely to find out which celebrity looks the most like you. You will need to use a clear picture for this app to work, since it uses facial recognition technologies to come up with the best celebrity.

You also are able to share your results through social media. Not only that, but you can share it with other people in the app too. If you are looking for a great app to use to get your celebrity look alike, then PicFace Celebrity Matchup is a great choice. This app is very easy to use and the interface makes uploading your picture and seeing the results very quick and painless. The overall premise and design of the app will remind you of Celebs Like Me, so you should have no trouble working the app.