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Four Amazing Apps like CM Locker for 2018

Feb 2, 2018

Are you looking for some more great apps like CM Locker? We are going to tell you about four apps that are alternatives to CM Locker. If you have not heard of this app before, it is one of the best apps when it comes to customizing your Android device. It is more than just a lock screen app, since you will be able to change the look of your device with this app. CM Locker can be set as the default lock screen on your Android device.

From there, you can then changing things such as a backdrop, and there are several to choose from. This lock screen has so many customization options available for you, including using various secret words and designs as your PIN. Lock screen apps are fun to use and help keep your device safe. If you are looking for an app that is similar to CM Locker, keep reading because we have four great apps like CM Locker to tell you about.

Best Apps Like CM Locker for Android in 2018

Hello Locker– First, on our list of the great apps like CM Locker, we have Hello Locker. This is an app that allows you to customize your lock screen. Made for Android, this app will allow you to change many different elements of the screen. You can change up the warnings as well as the backdrop, and you will be able to get the security you need quickly. Climate data, clock, foundation picture, and much more are available for you to use and customize.

With Hello Locker, you are also able to pick which apps you get a notice on the lock screen for. Meaning, if you want to be notified of only your Messages, you can set it up that way so Messages is the only app showing on your lock screen. There is also a way that you can set a message for when you open your device, such as an inspirational saying when you first open your Android phone. This is one of the best lock screen applications out there to use if you love customization. Many different elements are available for you in this app, making it unique and hard to top.

Hola Screen Lock– Hola Screen Lock also makes our list of the best apps like CM Locker out there for your Android device. Basically, you can even kill your Android lock screen by just tapping on it twice. You will need to have the Hola Launcher installed first in order to use the Screen Lock app. You can even go into the settings and change which apps are running when you lock and unlock the screen.

In Hola Screen Lock, you will be able to add apps to the exemption list, meaning that these apps will not close. There are many different features of this app, but you need to make sure you download the Launcher first. This app will not work independent of the Hola Launcher, so the two apps have to go together. Once you have downloaded both of these apps, you will realize just how powerful and cool Hola Screen Lock really is. This app will allow you to also get more life out of your battery, which is pretty cool too.

Locker Master– Locker Master is one of the best apps like CM Locker out there for your Android device. You can make your own lock screen and customize it as you see fit, which is pretty cool. There are many layouts you can use and many different types of lock screen creations that you can make. With this app, you will have a unique and individualized lock screen, even allowing you to upload your own photos to use as the lock screen background.

There are a lot of ways you can alter your lock screen with this app. Even if you know nothing or almost nothing about customization on Android, this app is easy to use. If you love how CM Locker is setup, then you will love Locker Master. You will really love this app if you are creative. We say that because this allows for so much more creativity than other lock screen apps. The ability to customize and personalize your lock screen through different apparatuses makes this a really fun and unique app.

Next Lock Screen– Next Lock Screen is also one of the best apps like CM Locker out there today. This Android app allows you to see your instant messages, missed calls, and more without unlocking your device. You can do a whole bunch of things without even opening your phone, which is pretty nice if you are in a hurry. Next Lock Screen allows you to see warnings and missed calls, and you can even pick your own backdrop using this app.

With this app, you will notice all kinds of elements and features that you can use for your lock screen. You can even see your favorite apps by just swiping upward, which gives you quick access to the apps you use the most. There are many different tools and features that allow you to customize your lock screen with the information you want to see and apps you want to have access to. The design and ease of use of this app  makes it one of the best out there, and makes it similar to CM Locker. Definitely one of the best lock screen apps out there right now.