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Top 6 Bitcoin Apps Like Coinbase

Oct 15, 2017

Have you been looking for apps like Coinbase? Coinbase is known as one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges out there. While at first Coinbase was amazing, it quickly ended up being just like every other financial institution out there. Meaning, many users have been put off by the high fees and other problems that have started happening. Not to forget that the customer service also has been lacking ever since Coinbase became popular. The traditional banking methods and fees have infiltrated the Coinbase app, and users have been mad ever since.

Coinbase even began doing things like monitoring the accounts and banning people for certain activities. Those activities included things like gambling, adult services, and pornography. Bitcoins are often times used for the more adult activities out there, but Coinbase was not having that.

Due to how Coinbase seems to have gotten too big for their britches, many people have been looking for Coinbase alternatives. Coinbase still might be a good choice if you are a newbie in the Bitcoin exchange world, but the more experienced users know there are better options out there. If you are one of those people, read on to learn about the 6 apps like Coinbase that you should try out.

Top 6 Coinbase Alternatives – Similar Bitcoin Apps

Gemini- Gemini tops our list of the best apps like Coinbase. This app is based out of New York and over 26 states are supported with this app. There is an app available for both iOS and Android and it is very simple to use. This app works with both clients and businesses, giving you a safe way to store and purchase items with Bitcoin.

The best part about Gemini is that the fees are much lower than with Coinbase. In the fee department, Gemini is actually better, so it is worth checking out. This app is very simple to use and it is one of the few regulated Bitcoin apps out there.

Bitsquare– If you are looking for privacy, Bitsquare might be the best choice for you. Bitsquare makes our list of the best apps like Coinbase because it is very secure. You will notice the fees in Bitsquare are pretty reasonable.

They are not the lowest, but they are fair for the type of financial transactions you are making. Bitsquare is very secure and it has a very simple user interface and dashboard. Even if you have never used a Bitcoin app before, you will be able to quickly get the hang of this app.

LocalBitcoins– LocalBitcoins operates in more than 200 countries in the world. That is one reason why LocalBitcoins makes our list of the best apps like Coinbase. The transactions in this app are instant, which means it is reliable and very safe. The user interface and dashboard are very easy to figure out and use. You can think of LocalBitcoins as being similar to Ebay, with instant transactions and a huge user base to keep it going.

BitStamp– BitStamp makes our list of the top apps like Coinbase because it has such a huge reach. This is a London-based company so it works very well for people who are in Europe. This app is out now for iOS and Android and it is completely free to download. You can trade your Bitcoins with almost anyone.

There are free deposits, which makes it even better for Europeans. The fees for BitStamp are very low and it has a ton of features and options within the app you can check out. If you are a single person, BitStamp might be the best way to go for buying and selling.

Bitcoin.de- Bitcoin.de also makes our list of the best apps like Coinbase. This company is based out of Germany and the fees are great. There are so many people using Bitcoin.de that you will find plenty of other people that you can buy and sell Bitcoin with. The exchange rate could be a little higher with Bitcoin.de, but the reliability and security of this app makes it well worth your time.

BitBay- Lastly, on our list of apps like Coinbase we have BitBay. This app has a very simple to use interface. Currently, the app is only available on Android devices. Do not confused BitBay and BitPay, these are two different apps.

Make sure when you look for the app, you are only looking for and downloading the BitBay app. You will love how secure BitBay is because it uses two-factor authentication. The interface is also very intuitive and simple. BitBay is all about keeping your Bitcoins secure and allowing you to buy or spend Bitcoins with ease.

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