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Apps like iFunny – The Best Funny Apps in 2018

Jun 7, 2017

iFunny is perhaps one of the original hilarious content creating apps that has been available since the dawn of the smart phone. They say that laughter is the cure to any illness, so it is always important to have something on your phone that you can rely on to make you laugh when things are tense. iFunny definitely serves to do this by bringing users a ton of amazing quality content at the touch of their fingers. The way iFunny works is super simple, you can scroll through the front page which consists of the most highly rated videos and pictures for the day, or you can scroll through different categories such as memes, pictures, videos, there are a ton to choose from! iFunny is completely free, and iFunny does the amazing job of allowing you to follow specific users who you find funny, and see their new content as soon as it comes up. iFunny does a great job of policing their app and making sure that there is as little spam and content that should not be on their as it can, and I commend them for all of the effort that they put into their app. iFunny has well over a million monthly active users, with ten million installations since the app’s release. It is without a doubt one of the most famous apps that people go to in order to get their entertainment.

When searching for other apps, it is quite hard to find something exactly like iFunny. However, for this article’s purpose, I choose a few criteria and made some comparisons when deciding on what apps to feature. For starters, I wanted the apps I picked for this list to be completely user generated content. I also wanted there to be a good amount of selection when choosing what content the user wanted to view. It wouldn’t serve much purpose if there was a limited selection of content, or not a decently sized amount of people making content. In addition to that, I wanted apps that would be available on both the Google Play store and the iOS store, so that way I could reach as many people as I could with this article. With without much further introduction, here are what I consider to be the top five apps similar to iFunny.

Apps That Make You Laugh in 2018

  1. Cyanide and Happiness

Perhaps one of the most famous digital comic books to exist on the internet, Cyanide and Happiness is a comic book strip that is always guaranteed to make you laugh. With a ton of amazing features, Cyanide and Happiness takes the number five spot because of the amazing content that the developers always seem to provide. For those who are not familiar with the comic, when you download the app, you will have access to all of the archives, so every comic that has been published will be accessible to you. In addition to that, you can choose to shake your phone and get a randomly selected article for your viewing pleasure. Cyanide and Happiness has even branched out as of late to offer animated shorts. These animated shorts are basically short cartoons that viewers can watch. These comics and videos are made with the highest of quality, and never cease to impress me, or make me laugh.

Cyanide and Happiness is a great iFunny alternative because of the amazing content that the app provides. Although this app is super specific and there is a clear niche, almost everyone can relate to some of the comics featured, and they are guaranteed to make anyone laugh. You can filter the different comics by date, theme, or ones that you just haven’t read yet. One of the only downsides to this app (to some people) is that it costs a dollar to buy. Now, this dollar price tag is incredibly small for the amount of amazing content that you get, but I can understand that some people would just like to get their content for free. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone, however, as it does an amazing job of providing dark humor that everyone can appreciate.

  1. Best Vines

Remember when Vine was a thing? Well in case you don’t, Vine was a company that was owned by Twitter, and the whole purpose of Vine was to create these short ten second videos that would make people laugh. Vine was insanely popular until they were eventually shut down for both a declining user base and for lack of revenue streams. Best Vines allows you to relive some of the greatest Vine moments by bringing back the feeling of having Vine installed on your phone. The app works by allowing you to scroll through either a bunch of the most popular archived Vines, or by allowing you to watch compilations of Vines by specific users.  With Best Vines, you are able to view all of the logged Vines that are stored on the servers, and Best Vines allows you to save them onto your phone to view at a later date, or share with your friends. Best Vines is extremely optimized, and provides a ton of laughs for everyone.

Best Vines takes the number four spot on our list because it has a ton of great user generated content that is readily available. Best Vines is completely free to download on the app store, and does not feature any sort of advertisements. One great feature with this app is that if you are out and about, you can use the save band width function to limit your data usage while still getting all of your laughs in. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who is looking for a quality content based app that can easily make you laugh for hours on end. Best Vines is great for anyone who did not actively use Vine a lot when it was popular, because it basically takes you back to all of the great Vines that were made during that time. Although this app again is a bit of a niche and specific app, it is a great app that has a ton of content and is great for passing any amount of time!

  1. Funny or Die

Funny or Die is another classic content creation app that is bound to make you laugh and never want to stop browsing. Funny or Die has more than ten thousand daily active users across all of its platforms, and content is updated regularly. With Funny or Die, you are getting a ton of content ranging from celebrity memes, to awesome and hilarious videos, all updated regularly. There are a ton of categories for the user to choose from, from political commentaries, to the newest of memes, Funny or Die has it all. When you first start using Funny or Die, the best way to go about using it to not feel overwhelmed is to just scroll through their main feed. Here you will find all kinds of funny news stories, pictures, gifs, and other sorts of media. In addition to all of this great content,

Funny or Die takes the number three spot on our list simply because it is a great substitute for iFunny because it has a ton of great user generated content. In addition to that, I would say that Funny or Die also has just as much user generated content as iFunny simply because they have a staff who upload content, as well as accept user generated content onto their app. They are one of the leading comedy websites for all of your celebrity and political satire, and I love browsing their app when I have any down time. I would definitely recommend Funny or Die to anyone who is looking for an iFunny replacement, or any sort of app that will kill a bunch of time, and make that time enjoyable. For a great iFunny alternative, check out Funny or Die for great general content.

  1. 9GAG

9GAG is a huge source of entertainment and has probably the largest mobile fan base of any app that is on this list. Currently, 9GAG has more than 15 million total installation on the Google Play store alone, and it has more than one million reviews with an average of 4.6 stars. 9GAG is without a doubt a must have app for anyone who wants to spend time scrolling through their phone enjoying a TON of user generated content that will instantly make your day better. There are a ton of awesome categories to check out on 9GAG, and they are sure to have something that everyone will love. I definitely think 9GAG is the most diverse content wise so far to be featured on this app, simply because of the ton of users that use it daily. Also 9GAG has a great rating system that allows you to only see the best rated pictures at the top of your feed, and the lower quality ones automatically get filtered out so you do not have to waste your time. 9GAG has a great auto moderator system that automatically detects, and gets rid of all spam that it comes across.

9GAG is definitely one of the best iFunny substitutes, and believe it or not, a lot of the content from iFunny comes from 9GAG. I would definitely recommend checking out 9GAG for a ton of awesome and hilarious content from users all around the world. It is also worth mentioning that 9GAG has won several awards including the Best Apps of 2016 award from the Google Play store, and the Nobel Prize in Humor or Entertainment in 2016. 9GAG is known all around the world as it has also been featured on publications like Wall Street Journal, NBC, and many other notorious publications. There is no signs that 9GAG is slowing down, so I definitely think this is a worthy app of checking out if you are looking for some awesome things to make you burst out laughing no matter where you are at!

  1. Reddit

Without a doubt the largest app on this list, Reddit takes the number one spot for having the most diverse content, and for being the most updated. No matter what time of day you are checking in, Reddit always has new content being uploaded from one of the millions of active viewers. In Reddit, there are different sections or categories called “Subreddits”. These subreddits are basically themed based forums for users to submit their content to. This content ranges from things that have been made by hand such as art or crafts, or tech related things like videos. No matter what you are interested in, Reddit is guaranteed to have a subreddit for you. You would be shocked by the vast amount of different categories there are on this website, everything from the color red to metaphysical philosophy, Reddit has it all.

Reddit takes the number one spot because it is a true replacement for iFunny. Although it is a bit intimidating to start, Reddit makes it easy by having a front page that gives you a taste of some of the more popular subreddits that the site has to offer. From there, you can use the search function to search for things you are interested in and find your niches. Without a doubt Reddit is the best app on this list for the best user made content that will keep you entertained for literally hours on end. Check out Reddit and all of these apps by downloading them on the Google Play store, or the Apple iOS store today!