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Five Great Apps like iMovie in 2018

Jan 19, 2018

Are you looking for the best apps like iMovie available for your mobile device? We know that there are several iMovie alternatives out there. That can make finding the best apps like iMovie difficult, since there are so many to choose from. If you are looking for the best alternatives, keep reading because we are going to tell you about five of them. We also wanted to tell you a little bit more about what iMovie is and how it works.

Apple users will be able to enjoy their movies using iMovie, which works both on iOS and on Mac. You can edit your movies right from iMovie, and it is completely free to do. You will then get the premier finished product after you have completed your editing. You can watch and browse video clips, along with edit your own videos using this app. With iMovie, you can add effects, music, titles, and a lot more to the movie clips. If you want high quality videos, then iMovie is the best option out there since it edits in HD quality. There are several alternatives to iMovie though, which work just as good. Here is our list of the top five apps like iMovie you should check out.

5 Best Apps like iMovie 2018

PowerDirector- PowerDirector is definitely one of the best apps like iMovie out there right now. You have free effects, voice over, action movie effects, and so many other tools available in this free app. This is a simple to use application that gives you high-quality videos with ease. You can split videos, trim videos, rotate videos, and even use thousands of video effects on your movies. This app works for both a professional looking video and works for just having fun trying to get Hollywood style action effects.

There is also a custom audio option in this app, along with the ability to edit your videos using transitions. A slow motion feature is also available, so you are limitless at the types of videos you can make with PowerDirector. It is also very similar to iMovie, which is good if you have knowledge and skills working with that app. The design and layout is super easy and simple, so it works regardless of your skill level with video editing.

VidLab– VidLab also is one of the best apps like iMovie, and it is a very advanced video editing tool. You can get voice overs, text, music, videos, overlays, and even sound effects added to your videos with this app. You can use animations over your videos and even add your own fonts. If you have finished your video, you can save it and then share it. You can share it through social media platforms, which is pretty cool.

There are a ton of tools and functions with VidLab, making it one of the best out there. You can create the videos all from your smartphone and the features are all streamlined. You can even add video effects and filters to your movie. Anything you want to do with your movie, you can do quickly and easily with VidLab. Even a beginner will have no trouble using this app because it is all pretty simple to understand and figure out.

Splice Video Editor– Splice Video Editor also makes our list of the best apps like iMovie. This app is great because you can edit your videos professionally and simply. This is a simple video editor but it still allows for pretty professional looking finished products. This app is free and it allows you to add text, music, videos, and even transition system shapes.

One thing that sets this app apart is that it is simple, which means it allows you to quickly get high-quality looking videos without the fuss and headache. Editing tools and even the more advanced features and functions are available in this app. You can even use effects, animations, speed controls, and trim your video as needed. There is also custom audio, which also sets Splice Video Editor apart from the competition. The library is full of various sound effects and music clips.

Filmora Video Editor– Filmora Video Editor is also on our list of the best apps like iMovie. This app works on both iOS and Android and allows for more professional video editing. There are a lot of tools that you can use to personalize your videos. You can add music, transitions, text, and effects with Filmora Video Editor. You also can share your finished videos through social media, which is pretty cool.

This application is great because there just are so many tools available to you for anything you need. There is also no time limit on your video clips, which is nice. No logos or watermarks are put onto your videos either, which makes it great for sharing and it looks a lot more professional. The app design and layout is really cool too, and it is simple to use regardless of your skills or knowledge with video editing.

ActionDirector Video Editor– Lastly, on our list of the best apps like iMovie, we are going to talk about ActionDirector Video Editor. This app is designed for those who have more advanced editing projects. The high-tech video editing app is great for those in a professional setting. There are all types of functions and features in this app. You can create and record videos with ActionDirector Video Editor. There are filters and effects you can edit into the videos as well. The video effects and video tutorials will also be very useful.

This app also allows you to edit in music to your videos, which allows you to create a soundtrack. You can be as creative as you want with all of the features and effects available. There are even slow motion and various other speed edits you can make. This is definitely the best app on the list if you are in need of a more professional video editing software. You will also love how easy it is to use and figure out, with a clean layout and design to keep you right on track.

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