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Top 5 Apps like iPASTORE – Best Alternatives for 2018

Jun 7, 2017

You might have heard about third-party app stores previously if you have an iOS or Android device. One of those third-party app stores you might have heard about is iPASTORE, which is something you can use regardless of whether you have iOS or Android. We are going to tell you about five of the best apps like iPASTORE, which can help you download any app you want for free. Before we get to the top apps like iPASTORE though, we wanted to tell you a little bit more about iPASTORE.

iPASTORE comes in either the light version or the premium version. The premium version has a lot of integration with other software and app stores, including integration with AppCake. With iPASTORE, you can download, install, and search for apps for your device right from your device. This is a free third-party app store if you want the light version, although the premium version will cost you about $30.

Every day there are new apps on iPASTORE, and the software works on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. This is good because it allows you to get apps for free regardless of whether your device is cracked. Another cool thing about iPASTORE is that you can opt to install this over-the-air and it is very simple to use and install. If you have used iPASTORE or you are looking for more options beyond iPASTORE, keep reading to learn about the top apps like iPASTORE available right now.

5 Apps like iPASTORE in 2018

HipStore– First on our list of apps like iPASTORE is HipStore. HipStore will work with both iOS and Android devices, and there are over one millions apps available on this third-party app store. You can get premium apps, paid apps, and free apps on HipStore without having to pay for them. If you would like to pay a little something for an app you download, you can choose to do that as well, and even if you just want to pay $1 you can.

HipStore just recently allowed for non-jailbroken devices to be used with this app store, so that is pretty cool since you do not need a jailbroken device to get the apps. You will find that there are a ton of new and old apps on HipStore, with a lot of updates and new apps being added regularly. The best part about HipStore is that even developers are putting their apps up on it, so it is one of the most accepted third-party app stores on both iOS and Android. If you like how simple iPASTORE is to use and how the setup of the site it, then you will love HipStore.

vShare– We have to mention vShare because it is also one of the most highly-regarded apps like iPASTORE out there today. vShare works on both Android and iOS and it allows you to download nearly any app you want to your device. There are recommendations you get as well, which are based on your preferences and your habits. You will also get recommendations based on your location and what people near you have been searching for. You can get apps, wallpapers, and even games on vShare.

If you are looking for apps, you can search by category, which is broken down quite well. For example, photography, media, communication, travel, lifestyle, and productivity are just some of the app categories you can search through. The categories for the games are also really organized and broken down to help you find what you are specifically looking for. Some game categories include sports, action, puzzle, cards, and racing.

AppCake– When it comes to third-party app stores, AppCake is definitely one of the best out there. AppCake is by far one of the most popular apps like iPASTORE, but it is only available for jailbroken iOS devices. There is a huge community behind AppCake, which is nice because it is easy to find information and answers to your questions. You will be able to download the paid apps right to your iOS device for free using AppCake.

There are a couple issues with this app store though, which mostly has to do with the stability of the software and sometimes it can be a little buggy. Beyond that though, AppCake is highly rated as one of the best third-party app stores because of the high amount of content and apps available to you. Since AppCake has been around for a lot longer than other third-party app stores, you will find that the app selection is unlike any other that you have ever seen before.

AppAddict– AppAddict is another option if you are looking for apps like iPASTORE. This third-party app store comes with something called iSignCloud. This application allows you to get the apps onto your iOS device if it is not jailbroken. There are a ton of apps available to you for free on AppAddict, and a lot of these apps are not available on Apple’s App Store. You will need to sign up for a standard license for iSignCloud in order to use AppAddict though.

The good news is that it is only about $10, so you are not spending too much money by using this software. If you like how easy iPASTORE is to use, then you will love AppAddict because it is very simple to use even if you have never used a piece of software like this before. Not only can you use AppAddict for your iOS device, but you can use it for your Mac device as well.

PandaApp– Lastly, if we are going to talk about the apps like iPASTORE, then we have to mention PandaApp. This is a third-party app store that is free to use and has over 5,000 apps available to you. You will be able to use this app store if you have an iOS device, and it is very easy to install the apps right from your computer.

PandaApp is also nice because there are a ton of apps available that you will not find on the official app store. This means that there are some exclusive offerings available to you. You can search for the apps you want, click on install, and then PandaApp will begin downloading the apps that you want. PandaApp is simple to use with a user-friendly interface, so it is a lot like iPASTORE in that regard.