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Top Video Editing Apps like Lomotif in 2018

Feb 9, 2018

We know you have been looking for more apps like Lomotif to download onto your smartphone. If you have been searching, but see too many options, keep reading to find a list of the best alternatives. Before we get to the best apps like Lomotif though, we wanted to tell you more about the app itself. Lomotif is one of the best music video editing apps out there, allowing you to edit in music to your videos. You can add music and other sound effects to almost any video you can imagine.

The videos from Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat can all be editing using this app to add music. Millions of people have used Lomotif to make their videos more unique with special music. You also can share your videos through social media with this app. If you just want to edit videos and not add music, you can do that as well with Lomotif.

Top Four Apps like Lomotif in 2018 – Android & iOS

Splice– Splice is one of the top apps like Lomotif we wanted to tell you about. This video editing app is available for both iOS and Android. You can easily create your own videos with this app and customize them how you want. This is a free app that allows you to add music, text, captions, and so much more. You also can use customized audio with Splice or you can use the library that contains free music and sound effects. With Splice, you can easily create a professional looking video in no time, and it is simple to figure out.

Splice gives you a ton of tools and video editing features, including editing tools. The editing tools can really help you get the perfect customized video. You can use animations, add music, trim, and even use speed controls in this app. If you are looking for a new video editing app, then you have to check out Splice. If you have used Lomotif before, then you will quickly be able to figure out Splice as it is very similar.

Filmora- Filmora is an iOS and Android app that makes the list of the top apps like Lomotif. This a free video editing app that allows you to make your videos look professional. With this app, you will have a ton of tools to ensure your videos look high-quality. There are transitions, sound effects, effects, and more in Filmora. You can add your own music and add text too if you would like. Filmora allows you to share your videos after they are finished. You can easily share them via social media using this app.

Filmora is very simple to use and there are no time limits on your videos. Even better, with Filmora, you will not have a watermark on the final product. If you are looking for a more professional video editing app, this is definitely one of the best. You can transform any video you want into an amazing work of art in no time at all. This is one of the easiest video editors to use as well, which is great for the less tech-savvy people out there. If you have used Lomotif, then you will be able to get the hang of Filmora in no time at all.

Inshot– Another app we wanted to tell you about that makes our list of the top apps like Lomotif is InShot. This is an all-in-one video editing application that works on Android. With InShot, you will be able to edit images and videos, which is something a lot of other video editing applications are missing. You also have a separate section if you are editing Instagram videos, which is pretty cool. That means you can change your Instagram videos quickly and pictures too.

InShot has a ton of sound effects, voice over effects, music, and many other tools available for you. You can also synchronize your video and sound effortlessly with the timeline features, and that is one of the more awesome things about InShot. Regardless of whether you want to edit a picture or video, you can do all of that with InShot. Did we tell you that there is also the ability to put in your own music? With this app, there are endless possibilities and it is definitely one of the easier video editing applications out there.

VideoLab– Lastly, we wanted to tell you about VideoLab, which makes our list of the best apps like Lomotif. This is a very simple video editing app that allows you to edit movies like a professional. VideoLab is available on both iOS and Android. You will be able to share your finished videos over various social media as well with this app. With the app, you can edit your videos to make them professional looking or you can add music. You also can use filters, add captions and texts, and use the plentiful editing tools.

VideoLab Video Editor allows you to create the best video possible, including adding layers or combining multiple video clips into one video. There are even movie effects in this app, which allows you to create a movie as if it was made in Hollywood. You can use many different effects and filters allowing you to create the images and videos you want quickly. The app design and layout is great, and you do not have to be a video editor in order to understand how this app works. Anyone of any age can use this app and get a flawless finished product.

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