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Top Apps like Omegle in 2018 – Best Chat Apps

Jun 7, 2017

Omegle is a great app that a ton of people use daily in order to chat and video chat with strangers from all across the world. Omegle is an exceedingly simple app and has a lot of different options for users to choose from. First, you can choose to match with strangers and chat with them about whatever you please. On top of that, you can enter specific interests such as football, and Omegle will match you with people who share the same interest or interests as you. There is no limit to how many interests you can have, and the more you have, the wider range of people you will be able to match with. Finally, you can enter what Omegle calls Spy Mode. With Spy Mode, you can choose to either input a question and watch two strangers discuss your question, or you can be one of the two strangers to take on random quests and discuss and debate the topic given to you. With the last two options, conversations will flow quickly and smoothly, as you will already have something in common to talk about.

Omegle is a revolutionary app because it allows you to connect and chat with anyone from around the world. In addition to the regular chat mode, there is also a video chatting section. The video chatting section works the same as the regular chat section in the sense that you can input different interests and video chat with people who share those interests. Omegle usually has around 20,000 or more active users at any given time, and the users range from everywhere in the world. Omegle is a great app for people who want to chat with other people from all around the world, and meet new people. Omegle has also introduced a college version on their website, which allows you to contact people who only attend colleges that are local to you. When I was creating this list, it was of the utmost importance that you could chat or video chat with people from all over the world. I also wanted there to be a large number of active users, so that way you are always getting a unique person and having a unique experience. So without further ado, here what I consider to be the top five apps that are like Omegle.

There is one thing worth noting before you take on some of these apps, and that is that since each encounter is completely random and with another person, you never know what you are going to see. You can see things that are not for small children, and that is why these apps tend to have either an M or a T rating.

Alternatives To Omegle for Chatting

  1. Chat Roulette

I thought it would be a good thing to get the most obvious pick out of the way in the beginning. As soon as Omegle became successful, Chat Roulette came around in the hopes of stealing up some of the market share. Now a days, Chat Roulette has a very stable app that I would most definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a solid Omegle alternative. Chat Roulette features all of the same things as Omegle, but with a slightly lower user pool. It works exactly the same as Omegle, you can instantly queue up either for a regular text chat, or for a video chat with another stranger. This app is recommended for Adults only, and that is partly because of the warning that they have to give that there is always the potential for adult content to be displayed on the app.

Chat Roulette is a great app simply because it has no advertising at all. In addition to that, there is absolutely no registration required in order to use the app, which is a key point for some people. There are no emails that will be sent to you, and nothing to bog down your phone with. Chat Roulette still has constant support from the developers, and there have been a lot of plans for the future of Chat Roulette in terms of what you can expect to see in future updates. With Chat Roulette, there is complete anonymity and there is no way for the other person to know who they are talking to, unless you give it yourself. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who is looking for a very simple, and completely updated version of Omegle, or for anyone who wants another random chat app to look into.

  1. Tiny Chat

Tiny Chat is a bit different than the other two, as this app does not have random chatrooms, instead it has video chat rooms that users can join. Tiny Chat works by allowing users to form group chats with up to 12 other people at a time. When you launch the app, you can either join a random video chat group, or you can start your own and either invite your friends to join you, or allow random users to join you in your video group. Tiny Chat has a relatively large audience, and has a huge audience on its PC platform. The developers are still supporting the app and are updating it daily in order to keep the community happy and support the app.

Tiny Chat has another great function that allows you to find people who are near you. You can instantly join anyone who is near you and join them in their own video groups. This app still keeps your anonymity secured, so nobody will know who they are video chatting with. Tiny Chat is a great app that you can either text chat with, or video chat with strangers from across the world. Although, the video chat feature is far more popular on the Tiny Chat community, so odds are if you are going to use this app, you should probably be comfortable on webcam with others. I would definitely recommend this app because it does exactly what you would want a random chatroom app to do, and it does it extremely easily and quickly.

  1. Anonymous Chat Rooms – Anti Chat

Anti Chat is made by a single person who wanted a place where they could confide in others and chat anonymously with others. Anti Chat does exactly that, and in the same way that the other random chatroom apps do, but in a much more secure and safe way. Anti Chat has made it its mission to censor adult content, and provide the best experience for those who really want a place to come to in order to meet other people in a safe environment. For that reason, a lot of the people who show adult things or want to discuss adult content, end up getting banned very quickly. For that reason, Anti Chat takes the number three spot on our list for great Omegle alternatives. Anti Chat is completely anonymous and makes sure that nobody can track where you are writing in from.

Anti Chat provides a great secure place for people to chat with random strangers from all around the world. There are over 1.6 million active users on Anti Chat, and there a ton of different ways you can customize your own experience. For example, you can search only specific languages, countries, sexes, and a whole slew of other criteria. You can truly find a person who you want to talk to. In addition to that, Anti Chat has a fourms system where you can meet other strangers. These fourms are heavily moderated, so all of the content on there is friendly for almost anyone. I definitely recommend Anti Chat as an Omegle alternative because it does everything that Omegle does, and then some! You certainly cannot go wrong with Anti Chat.

  1. Cha Cha – Videochat like Omegle

Cha Cha was designed for people who want something that is similar to Omegle, but has even more features. With Cha Cha, you will get a ton of people to interact with at the touch of your buttons. Like Anti Chat, Cha Cha is heavily moderated, so they try to get rid of the people who are not contributing to the community. Cha Cha has a ton of active users, so you will always be able to find people to match and talk with no matter what time you are on the app. Cha Cha is available in over 70 different countries, so you can talk to people from all around the world. With Cha Cha, there is both a video and a text chat feature, so you can choose through which medium you’d like to communicate.

Cha Cha does exactly what Omegle does, but tries to keep things a bit cleaner. That is one of Cha Cha’s selling points and something that a lot of people like about the app. With Cha Cha, you can set certain criteria as for who you would like to match with, and they even give you an incentive to make people smile. There is a cool currency that unlocks filters and other kinds of things that you get when you make someone smile. And the best part about Cha Cha is that when you meet someone who you like, you can friend them and message them individually on the app. So that way, you do not have to run the risk of never meeting that person on the app again! Cha Cha is definitely an Omegle substitute or replacement, and I would definitely recommend it because it does everything that Omegle does, except in a much cleaner and better way!

  1. Chatous

Chatous is an Omegle like app that is marketed for people who enjoy the Omegle style of app. With Chatous you get all of the same features that Omegle has, but the Chatous spin that hopes to make the experience even better. It has the best rating out of every other app on this list, as it has a solid 4.2 out of a possible 5 stars. It has over ten million installations, and about a million active users at peak hours. With Chatous, you can input hashtags, and chat with people who have similar hashtags as you. Each time you use the app, you pick which display name you’d like to use, so that way you have a way to identify the person you are speaking with. If at any time you wish, you can easily change your display with a few taps.

With Chatous, you can decide whether you wish to video chat, or regular text chat. One of the most popular features that Chatous has, is the fact that pictures are censored unless you actually tap on the picture itself. This prevents you from seeing anything that you do not wish to see, and is one of the most popular features that the app has. Chatous is a great Omegle substitute, and I definitely recommend it for anyone who wants a similar experience, but in a much cleaner environment. Chatous also does its best to moderate the people who use the app, so you get less and less creepy people, and more people who want to chat with friendly strangers. Chatous is perhaps the best Omegle substitute out there, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for an Omegle like experience!