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Four Great Car Rental Apps like Turo in 2018

Jan 4, 2018

Are you looking for some apps like Turo for iOS and Android? If you are, we got a list of four apps that are very similar to Turo. Before we tell you about those apps, we wanted to give you some more information about Turo in case you have not heard of the app before. Turo is a car rental app that allows you to find the car you would like to drive either by day or by week. You can choose to pay using a weekly rate or pay using a daily rate.

You are charged for the entire day, so Turo might not be the best option if you just need a rental for a few hours. Turo also requires you to pay the gas out-of-pocket that you will be using. This is different than some other companies that give you a prepaid gas card. If you are looking for other apps like Turo, read on to learn about some other great options available to you.

4 Awesome Car Rental Apps Like Turo – Similar Alternatives

Zipcar– The first app we want to talk about when it comes to apps like Turo is Zipcar. This is an app available on both iOS and Android for free. You can reserve your own Zipcar to cruise around the city or around the world. You can unlock and lock the doors and do a ton of other things with this app. You will be able to find Zipcar in a number of cities, including in more than 170 different urban areas in America alone.

There are a ton of choices available with this app too, and you can make your reservation right from your iOS or Android device. You will need to bring the Zipcar back to exactly the area where you picked it up from, which could be an inconvenience for some people.

The reason behind that is so that you are not just going out on a one-way trip. So this is an option if you are looking to head out for the night but plan on coming back soon. The user interface is very easy to use and understand and the options and variety is limitless.

City CarShare– Another great choice if you are looking for apps like Turo is City CarShare. This app was first established over in San Francisco, with the point being ride-sharing. These are all green environmentally-friendly vehicles, which makes it even better. You will find any type of car you are looking for and you can use these cars for as long as you need. There are several options available to you so that you will find exactly what you want and when you want. A perfect app for going out and getting groceries or running up to the nearest lake for some fun.

There are even wheelchair-accessible options too, which is great if you are transporting someone to the hospital who has some physical disabilities. City CarShare allows you to have all of the benefits of a car but without all of the hassle and expenses that are tied to actually owning a car. The apps are very easy to use and you will quickly find what you are looking for without any major hassles.

Car2Go– Car2Go is an app that is available on iOS and Android and makes our list of best apps like Turo. There are per-minute rates with Car2Go, so this is definitely a great choice for people looking to get out on a shorter excursion. You will need to leave the car within the territory defined within the app though, which is determined by where you live. This means you can not just drop off the car at any place you want when you are done. One downside to the app is that there are not a lot of luxury cars offered, which means it could limit the types of people who would use this service.

There are rules with Car2Go, but they are basic rules that should be common sense to most people. Car2Go is found within many different cities all over the place. This is an app many people all over the place should be able to use due to the many locations it is available. One-way trips are usually impossible with this service since most people require the cars to go back to where you picked them up at. The per-minute rates and eco-friendly car options make Car2Go one of the better apps like Turo available.

Getaround– Getaround also makes our list of apps like Turo. This is an app that is available for both iOS and Android. Getaround allows you to lease and drive any car you want right from your mobile device. Your rate per hour is $5, which gives you a lot of protections and allows you to use the car for as long or short as you need.

If you are looking to just get out for a few hours, then Getaround is a great choice. The hourly rate allows for shorter trips which makes it different than Turo but with the same idea in mind. The user interface is very simple to use and it allows you to pick the vehicle you want based on what you are doing or looking for.

Just like the app is named, Getaround allows you to get around no matter where you live or what you are looking for. You will love the per-hour rate because it allows you to either make short trips or longer trips. The $5 hourly rate is also pretty cheap, as you will not find many other apps out there offering a car for this price. A lot of apps have a per day rate so this is one app where you can use it for shorter trips and not feel like you just wasted a ton of money for a couple hour trek across the city.