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Apps with Lockscreen Ads Now Being Banned from Google Play

Nov 30, 2017

Any apps that are showing lockscreen ads are now being banned from Google Play Store. Google is beginning the process of removing these apps as part of an update to the Developer Policy. The new Developer Policy update bans the use of lockscreen ads, but Google did not go into details about why. Essentially, Google put out a small statement about the matter and the company has not commented further. If you have an Android device, read on to learn about the new rules regarding apps and lockscreen ads.

Google Removing Apps with Lockscreen Ads from Google Play Store

In terms of the statement Google released, in part it said apps cannot be on Google Play Store if they use features or advertisements on the lockscreen as a way to make money. So Google is looking to stop developers from making revenue from the advertisements that would be on the lockscreen. Beyond that, the only exception Google is making is those apps that are actually lockscreen apps themselves. So now monetizing a locked Android device is not allowed unless the purpose of the app itself is to provide a better lockscreen experience for the user.

There are various apps out there that are not able to use the lockscreen ads as a way to make money now. This is thanks to this specific policy change. The apps that have a specific and obvious purpose are those that Google likely will be watching to see if they violate this policy. These apps could include malware scanners, VPN apps, photo editors, and password manager apps. That is due to the fact that these apps have a specific role already. They cannot be using the lockscreen ads as a way to monetize the installs of the apps themselves. Google did not mention when it will begin removing the apps that are in violation of the new Developer Policy.

Google Soon to Remove Apps in Violation of Lockscreen Ads Policy Change

So while we do not know when Google will be implementing the new Developer Policy, we can expect that it will be very soon. Once Google has decided to follow through on banning the apps that try to make revenue off of the lockscreen ads, it could put a lot of apps in jeopardy.

It is important to note that this new change in the Developer Policy will only impact those apps that are uploaded onto Google Play Store. A more formal announcement will be coming soon from Google. The company should mention how soon apps will be removed following the violation of the new policy rules.

This is a much-needed update to the Developer Policy. The lockscreen ads are very annoying and invasive. These lockscreen ads will run over the top of the PIN pad. That makes it difficult, if not impossible, for someone to unlock their Android device. There are other features as well that could be limited due to the ads. That is especially true if you have a lot of customized launchers and widgets on your device.

Lockscreen Ads Pose Real Problem for Android Users

Of course, some lockscreen ads have even gone as far as trying to take over the actual Android device. This means that some third-parties have been able to breach the PIN feature and have messed with the screen-locking ability. Sometimes people would have to turn off their Android device in order to get back to the lockscreen.

They would then have to enter the PIN code before the advertisement appeared. Some developers have falsely claimed that their apps were custom lockscreens as well. When in reality, these developers just wanted to make money by enticing people to download their app. The developers would get people to download the app with the lockscreen ads, and then end up making money on the person while the phone was charging or sitting idle.

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