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Best Apps for Tracking Your Macros in 2018

Jan 11, 2018

Are you looking to find some of the best apps for tracking your macros? We know that there are a ton of apps out there to help you with your calorie intake and macronutrients intake. Macronutrients, or macros for short, are basically nutrients your body needs to continue feeling energized and full, even when you are counting calories.

If you are not focusing on the macronutrients at the same time as you focus on calories, you will end up feeling lightheaded and very weak or fatigued. You must focus on macros just as much as you focus on calories to balance yourself out mentally and physically. Here are some of the best apps available to help you track your macros.

Best Apps for Tracking Your Macros for 2018

My Macros+- My Macros+ is one of the best apps for tracking your macros. This app is available on iOS and Android. It is not free though, as this app is $2.99 to download but well worth it. The app has great reviews and has more than 1.5 million different food items in the library. Built by a professional bodybuilder, this app is all you need to track your macros. The best part about this app is that all of the content is locally stored, which means you do not need an Internet connection.

With My Macros+ you will be able to see all of the macros for the day and also setup goals for yourself. You can see the macros for the individual meals and for all food items, so there are a couple ways to view the information. The app will also be able to set different macro totals for various days, so maybe on the days you workout you will want to change the goals. There are ways to follow friends through the app too, which helps you see how they are doing.

Rise Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach- A great app for tracking your macros is Rise Nutrition and Weight Loss Coaching. This is an app exclusive to iOS and it is free to download although you need to pay $48 per month in order to use Rise. Rise is a different kind of app because it allows you to connect with a registered dietitian to see feedback on your meals. The dietitian will look at the picture of the food you uploaded and tell you what you need to focus on and how to get more macros.

Rose Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach is a great dieting app that does not require you to write down anything that you eat. Simply take the pictures and upload them to get real feedback on the meals you are eating. It has a ton of positive reviews because this is a more personalized app that focuses on you and your eating habits. The one-on-one help from the dietitian will help you make better meal choices and help you eat more macros while counting calories.

Fitocracy Macros– Talking about the best apps for tracking your macros, we need to mention Fitocracy. This is a free app on iOS and Android that is very simple to use. It is both a calorie-counting app and macronutrients-counting app. It tracks calories, carbohydrates, fat, protein, and much more. This allows you to reach your overall fitness goals while still being healthy and eating properly. You will also have a way to see your entire eating history in the app.

Even better, Fitocracy Macros even will give you an average every week of your macronutrients intake and calorie intake. There are free exercises also available to you in the app that will coordinate with your own diet plan. It is not quite as in-depth and does not have the food database like other apps might, but it gets the job done if you are more worried about your macros.

Cronometer- Cronometer is one of the best apps for tracking your macros out today, and it is available on both iOS and Android. There is a free version on both platforms as well as a paid version for $2.99, with the paid version getting rid of the advertisements. This is one of the biggest apps out there in terms of focusing just on macros. You can look at a ton of things in this app such as minerals, vitamins, and amino acids to see what areas you need to focus on. There is a daily progress feature in Cronometer too, so it helps track your macros and gives you incentives.

You will love how easy this app is to use and how focused it is on the macros. This app will allow you to add more variety to your nutritional intake. You can see if you are loading up too much on one thing and not getting enough of another. It is one of the simplest apps out there to use if you are looking to track your macros and check your progress as you go.


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