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AppyParking Shows You Where To Park

Oct 16, 2015

Finding somewhere to park and leave your car can be a fairly long and boring experience, especially if you are in a new area or a major city. A new application aims to change this, and make finding somewhere to leave your car an absolute breeze.

The new application, known as AppyParking, is currently available in Manchester – it shows users the nearest and cheapest place to leave their car.

What AppyParking Covers

The application started in London but is now rolling out nationwide. The app is currently available in London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Brighton, Bournemouth, Birmingham, Bristol, Norwich and Portsmouth. More cities are being added soon. AppyParking also have new features set to come out.

There are over 2,000 street parking spaces within the city of Manchester, which are a combination of both off-street and on-street parking. Not only does the AppyParking application show you where to park, but it also tells you if you can park in ‘restricted’ areas – some out of bounds areas can be used during specific times.

AppyParking is also able to provide you with the exact cost of different parking areas, depending on how long you want to stay.

Additional Features


There is a street-view function which has been added into the application. This is extremely useful for some drivers – they are able to look at the specific spaces before they even get there, to see if it is suitable for their car.

Another great feature is the navigation tool – this will navigate the driver directly to the parking space, with very easy to follow instructions.

As of now, AppyParking won’t be able to tell you where parking spaces are free – if a car park is full, it will still show you that you can park there. However, the local council has been installing sensors into parking areas – this means that we could see this feature coming very soon.

Help From The Council


The team started AppyParking in London and worked with all of the councils in London to map out the parking regulations so that they could show users the nearest and cheapest places they could park, including free parking areas. AppyParking is also able to show drivers different types of bays (disabled, electric, motorbike etc).

“We have a really great user community who are always letting us know what features or content they would like to see next so it’s a real team effort between drivers.” said the founder of AppyParking, Dan Hubert.

Manchester Council’s executive member for the environment, Kate Chappell, said: “We welcome anything that makes it easier for motorists coming into Manchester to find parking spaces quickly and with the minimum amount of hassle.

“I’d particularly welcome the use of technology that makes parking more straightforward, such as our existing Pay By Phone parking scheme, which is being used by a growing number of motorists in the city.”


The application is available to download via the App Store, or the Google Play Store, in the United Kingdom. However, the application will only function correctly in Manchester city.

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