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Art of Conquest Updated: Changes to Resources & Heroes

Jun 23, 2017

Art of Conquest is a free strategy game for both iOS and Android, which was developed by lilithgames. This game was just updated on June 13, 2017, and in this update there are some changes and revamps. The biggest changes are for the heroes and the resources. The bosses have been revamped in Art of Conquest as well, and there is some reworking with the power too. We thought that we would also tell you about some tips and tricks to help you in Art of Conquest, but first we wanted to tell you a little bit more about the game.

In Art of Conquest, you will try to build up your own kingdom, summon various heroes with different and specialized abilities, and even go into battle with troops. You will need to earn rewards by defeating the bosses in the game, and you can choose from five different races for your army. You will need to challenge your friends in duels to stay at the top and get the rewards for winning, and there are six different kingdoms that you can fight for. This is a strategy combat game where your goal is to become the biggest and best in battle, and win over each kingdom.

If you are currently playing Art of Conquest, keep reading to learn about some of the best tips and cheats we can give you for the game. These hints and tips will allow you to progress through the game quicker and help you become more successful. It is important to remember that Art of Conquest just came out not too long ago, so you probably will be learning just as the rest of everyone else is right now.

These tips and tricks not only will help you in the beginning of the game, but it will also help you during the later parts of the game since these tips and tricks are strategic-based for all types of situations.

Art of Conquest Cheats & Tips

Honor Resource– When it comes to the various resources in Art of Conquest, the only resource that is able to upgrade your racial abilities is the honor resource. When you look at the honor resource, it is important in Art of Conquest because it can help you do other things such as change your race and recruit new units. You can even make buildings in this game that are specific to your race, which is pretty cool.

If you initially choose a race, you should really stick with it through the whole game and not change it up in the middle. If you would like to get more honor resources, then you will need to kill various creatures that are found in the wild. You also could rob the resource shipments that are coming in for your enemies. If you would like to do something positive to earn the honor resource, you can defend the city walls.

Know About Units– When it comes to Art of Conquest, you will get units in the game. You want to make sure that you do not have a lot of the lower-level units around because they are not that useful. You can put your units in the hospital to heal pretty quickly if they are injured, which does work to your advantage. You want to also make sure that you are not losing a lot of the troops when you begin the game.

This is because you do not get that many units to start out with. Make sure you also realize that your three main resources, mana, gold, and wood are also limited in the beginning. It is because of the limited amounts of these resources in the beginning of the game that you also want to ensure you are not losing that many troops.

Basics On Abilities– When it comes to abilities, there are a couple things you should know if you are playing Art of Conquest. The first thing is that you really want to just focus on the default abilities in the beginning. Any points for ability that you get when you start the game, just focus on that default ability. As you progress in the game, you want to then focus on the control ability second, and the DPS ability is not something to focus on until later in the game. You do not want to spend a lot of your ability points on your active ability, since it will not be used nearly as much as the other abilities.

You should add up your ability points you get and then find a way to try to distribute them in an equal way across the default ability, control ability, and then later on the DPS ability. You might have a harder time in the beginning figuring out how many ability points should go to which area. The good thing here is that the more you play the game the more you will get better at knowing how to equally distribute the points across the abilities you should be focused on.

Know Your Resources– In Art of Conquest, there are a few different resources that you will use and need to use in order to grow your base and troops. The three main resources that are not that hard to find are mana, wood, and gold. You can generate all of these resources in your castle and also you will find them on the map. These three resources are mostly used for technology upgrades and building upgrades.

When it comes to the more special and rare resource, you will notice in this game that Crystal is the premium resource. Crystal is so rare that you cannot make this in your castle, although you might find it on the map. The Crystal in this game can also be found through the chests. If you see Crystal on your map at all or you see a chest, you should immediately grab it.