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August Android Security Bulletin Released

Aug 7, 2017

The new August Android Security Bulletin has just been released, which is good news if you have an Android device. If you have one of the supported Android devices, you should see the August Android Bulletin rolling out right now. We have all of the latest information about what is included in this Security Bulletin and which devices will be seeing the update first.

August Android Security Bulletin Rolling Out Now

If you have one of the supported devices, you should be seeing the August Android Security Bulletin rolling out right now. Google just released this update, which fixes some of the newest vulnerabilities and issues found within the Android operating system. There are a ton of vulnerabilities that are being fixed in the August Android Security Bulletin, including low vulnerabilities and critical vulnerabilities. There will be two different patch level strings associated with this Security Bulletin, which has been standard practice for Google lately. The two different security patch level strings allow the OEMs out there to fix the vulnerabilities much easier.

The first security patch level is 2017-08-01 which is a partial patch. This will basically make sure that all of the other vulnerabilities have been fixed up to this latest August Android Security Bulletin. The second security patch is 2017-08-05 which is the complete August Android Security Bulletin. This will ensure that all of the vulnerabilities have been fixed for the month of August. It could very well take longer for the second update to download and install since the second update is the update containing most of the fixes and patches.

That is often times how these Security Bulletins go, with the partial being the one just making sure you are up to date on all of the other patches before moving onto the newest release. The second security string level is the one that will contain the new patches and new updates for your Android device. You will need to ensure you have downloaded both of these updates to keep your Android device working well. Some of these vulnerabilities that will be fixed were addressed in the Google blog post about the new Security Bulletin.

August Android Security Bulletin Fixes Many Vulnerabilities

When it comes to the vulnerabilities that are going to be fixed in the August Android Security Bulletin, some of the biggest include framework, kernel components, and media framework. Other vulnerabilities that are included include the Qualcomm components, and Mediatek components. These are the most critical and severe vulnerabilities that will be fixed since the vulnerabilities could lead to arbitrary code execution. The Broadcom components and libraries will also have some major vulnerabilities fixed as well, including vulnerabilities that could lead to someone using arbitrary code to get into an unprivileged process.

The Android Open Source Project will have the source code patches up for these items within the next couple days. The Pixel and Nexus devices will get the August Android Security Bulletin first, while other Android devices will be getting the updates in the coming weeks. If you would rather flash the August Android Security Bulletin manually, you can do that as well since the full factory images have been released.

You will need to head over to the Android Developer site if you would like to manually flash the update and not wait for the over-the-air update to hit your supported Android device. If you do this manually, remember, you need to make sure the update you are downloading is correct and goes with the specific Android device you have. You always should be downloading the newest Security Bulletin as soon as it is released in order to keep your Android device protected from possible intrusions or attacks.