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AZ Screen Recorder App Hits Android

Nov 26, 2016

A new app is hitting Google Play, called AZ Screen Recorder, and this app will let you record the screen on your Android device. This is a free application you can download on Google Play, although there is a premium version available if you would like to pay to get even more features.

AZ Screen Recorder Lets You Record Android Screen

In the free version of AZ Screen Recorder, you do not have any limits on time, and you do not have to worry about watermarks ruining your recordings. This is a good thing because you will be able to record your screen for as long as you like, such as if you are watching an interesting video you would like to save for later. The no watermark feature is also very useful because you do not have to worry about trying to go in and edit that out for later use. You also do not have to root your device in order to use AZ Screen Recorder, which is something a lot of Android users enjoy getting around. Depending on the version of Android you use and the device, you might have to allow various permissions first before using AZ Screen Recorder. You will have some permissions you have to okay no matter which device you use, but some devices will have even more permissions than others to run this program.

When it comes to the premium version of AZ Screen Recorder, you will be able to get more functionality and features out of this app. You will be able to convert your recordings to GIFs, as well as trim and cut your recordings. You also will have screen drawing abilities and magic button functions that you can use too.


You use AZ Screen Recorder like other apps, and you can interact with bubble-controls that will be on the left side of the app. Once you begin recording the videos, the bubble-controls will be hidden from you. If you would like to stop playback then you will need to do that from the notification area. You can change this though by going into the options, where you can choose to have it stop when you turn the screen off, stop when you shake the screen, or just have it show a red blinking dot. You also will be able to do more in Settings as well, such as set the resolution for screen captures, and set the frames per second. You also can change the output directory path too, which is nice if you want to store videos in other locations. You will then be able to change the number of seconds before the video begins recording, as the default is set to three seconds.

It is very easy to begin recording using AZ Screen Recorder, and this is an app that has a lot of potential in the Android market. You can download this app for free from Google Play now, and begin using this app to record various videos that you want to capture on your device.