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Bad Android Apps Officially Getting Downgraded in Google Play Store

Aug 3, 2017

It seems that the bad Android apps that are on Google Play Store are finally seeing a day of reckoning as Google is now downgrading these apps in the rankings. This has been something that Google has talked about doing now for a while, and it appears that the purge is officially under way. We have all of the latest news about the bad Android apps and what is happening to them now.

Bad Android Apps Falling in Rankings

Google is now incorporating the new features of the ranking algorithms, which will allow for the bad Android apps to fall in the rankings on Google Play Store. When you research an app or you look at the various App Categories on Google Play Store, you will notice the new ranking system. The bad Android apps are those that crash a lot when they are launched and includes apps with a low user rating as well.

These types of bad Android apps will no longer be in the top of the searches, as the more high-quality apps are going to be given the spot. The new signals that are in the algorithms will allow apps that are high-quality in search and app listings to appear at the top, with the bad Android apps being near the bottom.

The news about Google Play Store downgrading the bad Android apps is part of the effort by Google to bring the high-quality Android apps to the forefront. Google wants to promote those apps that are of high-quality, which means high user ratings and hardly any glitches or crashes. One other way Google is also ramping up stopping these bad Android apps is that Google is now using machine learning.

Bad Android Apps Being Found in Google Play Store

Google announced this month that machine learning would help Google Play Store find the bad Android apps and get rid of them. The machine learning tools would focus on the apps that are asking for permissions outside of the scope of what an app should be asking for.

Another program, called Android Excellence, has been created which would curate the good apps on Google Play Store. The Android Excellence program also would allow for editor’s picks which would be apps pushed into the spotlight that are good apps you might want to check out.

When it comes to trying to get rid of the bad Android apps on Google Play Store, Google is using both human involvement and machine learning tools to try to eliminate the problems. Google Play Store and Android as a whole often times is thought of to have worse apps than available on iOS. The Android apps are often thought of as lower-quality, and now Google is trying to change that perception.

The artificial intelligence aspect is just one way Google is trying to rid the low quality Android apps from Google Play Store. Doing all of this can also help Google encourage the app developers to make better apps overall, including apps that do not crash as often or ask for many permissions.

We do not know yet though, whether the bad Android app developers will know they have been downgraded because the app was labeled “bad” or not. The app could go down in rankings and results for many reasons, and Google has not said if it will notify the developer of the bad Android app label. Hopefully, this will help increase the overall quality of the apps on Google Play Store and also limit malware and other issues that can be found in the bad Android apps.