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Bad Android Apps Will be Harshly Punished on Android O

May 23, 2017

Bad Android apps are going to be getting further punishment by Google with the upcoming release of Android O. As you know, Google is really pushing for more stability on the upcoming Android O, which is actually already in Developer Preview mode.

Beyond the new stability changes, Google is also looking at making the apps on Google Play Store live up to certain expectations, both in terms of speed and stability, and also reliability. Read on to learn about the new punishment that Google will be handing out to the bad Android apps and developers out there.

Bad Android Apps & Developers Face Punishment on Android O

The biggest news we have to tell you about is how Google is planning on punishing those bad Android apps and developers with the upcoming release of Android O. Google is going to be implementing a new system, which will be a punishment system, and this is aimed at giving bad Android apps the business if you know what we mean. The new system is going to be checking in on the millions of apps on Google Play Store.

The penalty system as it has been dubbed, will begin looking at various aspects that are causing apps to perform poorly. The aspects are anywhere from battery drainage to app crashes, and even slow framerates and apps that freeze or cause a device to wake up. These are all issues that people say make an app poor in the performance category, and Google is not having it anymore.

If you end up putting out an app on Google Play Store when Android O is release that is in the bottom 25 percent in the mentioned categories, you are going to hear from Google in quite a few ways. The first thing is that Google will alert you of your poor performance, including giving you tips on how to improve your app. This is part of trying to get rid of the bad Android apps and developers out there, because Google is trying to get developers to increase both app performance and overall design.

The second part of how Google is going to punish Bad Android apps and developers includes pushing the app down in the Google Play search rankings. For some small app developers out there, this could end up being a huge loss to the business if Google dumps the app down to the bottom of the list. It could mean Google knocks you down a couple spots or it could mean you are completely off the first two pages of search results in Google Play Store.

Bad Android Apps Likely to Become History

While we do not know about any financial penalties that Google might impose on the Bad Android apps and developers, we do know that it will likely help push the bad apps out of Google Play Store. Google is trying to increase the quality of apps being in the top spots on Google Play Store. That is why you will not see an app that looks 10 years outdated graphically on the top spot in Google Play Store. The new penalty system in Google Play Store is going to make things more strict when it comes to app developers pushing out products on Google Play.

Considering Google Play Store literally has millions of apps available, it might take quite a while for this new penalty system to get all of the bad apps pushed out, but it will definitely happen. Even if the bad Android apps and developers are not completely pushed out, hopefully it will lead to the apps going to the triple-digits in the Google Play search engine. That alone would essentially eliminate people from downloading those apps since they would be 100 or more pages back.

Google is basically sending out this news right now before Android O hits because the company wants the developers to really increase their app quality. You should make sure if you are an app developer that you are following the policies and guidelines that Google put into place so that you do not have to be one of the apps in the Android O release that is punished for being known as a bad Android app.