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Battle Bears Gold Multiplayer Cheats, Tips, & Hack for Gas & Joules

Mar 27, 2018

If you are looking for a no questions asked multiplayer shooter experience, then the wacky title of Battle Bears Gold Multiplayer might be of use to you! Join the war as one of 11 classes of bear soldiers as they fight to the death in 14 different map stages, become victorious over other players and unlock the most devastating weapons ever for 2018!

Battle Bears Gold Multiplayer is a third person shooter, aka TPS game released by Battle Bears Inc. The developer has their entire focus on Battle Bears games, with such additional titles like Battle Bears: Zombies!, Battle Bears Zero, Battle Bears -1 and Overclock FPS – Epic Battle.

Battle Bears Gold Multiplayer has earned average user ratings of 4/5 stars both on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, with close to five million downloads worldwide in 2018. The crazy character and gameplay design of this game makes such a huge playerbase easily understandable, but can this popularity remain in the long run? Read on below to find out!

About Battle Bears Gold Multiplayer

On a first sight Battle Bears Gold Multiplayer might not seem like a truly serious shooter, but behind the intentionally silly character designs you have a multiplayer experience that has the most essential features. The general gameplay is all about battling other players online either with a team or in a free for all style, while collecting currency for player kills and upgrading your character’s loadout afterwards.


The game is played in one of four modes: Team Deathmatch, Free-For-All, Plant the Bomb and King of the Windmill. Team Deathmatch is your usual team based battle, where each team has a score indicating the number of kills they earned, and the team with the most kills at the end of a countdown wins. Free-For-All is played out exactly like the previous mode, but here each player is on their own, while in Plant the Bomb players work in two teams to get bombs into the enemy territory for the most destruction. King of the Windmill is a play of words on the usual King of the Hill format, and here players have to keep control of a point for enough time to win. Additionally the game features a Tutorial mode as well, where you can learn the basics in a training course.

These modes can all be enjoyed on 14 different maps, with various scenes like mountains, forests, ancient temples, laboratories, space stations and more. Some of these map stages have powerups such as the Shield, Health Pack, Double Damage and so on, while certain maps also have jump pads that send you flying to another part of the level. Most of these maps are limited to 4 versus 4 battles, but private games against friends can start with less players as well.


Now, as for the actual gameplay of Battle Bears Gold Multiplayer, it shows many sings of the usual multiplayer shooter experience. After queueing up for a match, you will be shown a countdown and the number of other players searching for a match, and once enough players are present the battle begins. Next thing you know is you see your bear from behind in a third person perspective, and can control his movement with the joystick on the left side of the screen. This joystick is purely for movement though, and you have to look around by holding your finger anywhere else on the screen. There are some extra buttons such as the fire button, a melee attack button, one to activate special equipment, reload and weapon switch buttons, as well as a chat function.

Using these fairly basic shooter controls, your job will be to take out enemies and complete objectives based on your current game mode. Killing any opponent will also cause them to drop currency called Joules, which can be collected by walking over it, and will be added to your account after the match. The winning team also gets extra rewards in the form of Joules, the premium currency of Gas and even a rank up.

Another big feature of Battle Bears Gold Multiplayer is the Gear Up menu, where you can choose from a wide variety of classes, weapons, equipment and upgrades to customize your gameplay. Classes include 11 characters such as the Assault, Soldier, Heavy, Huggable, Demo, Sniper, Chub Scout, Engineer, Assassin, Combat Tech and Arbiter. Each class plays differently than the others, for example the Sniper uses long range weapons to her advantage, while the Demo causes explosions, the Huggable strikes mostly with melee attacks, and the Assassin utilizes poison against his foes. At first you have three classes available for free, and the rest have to be unlocked with Joules or Gas.


Weapons wise characters each have their own arsenal, meaning at least 10 to 15 weapons per character, counting both primary, secondary and melee ones, all of which a character can hold one at a time. Weapons have varying costs of Joules and Gas as well, which can get you rocket launchers, sawblades, machine guns, laser weapons, atomic bombs and so on. For similar costs you can also get equipment like healing tents, iron shields, slow motion fields, ammo boxes, damage boosts, speed boosts and over 20 more!

Since Gas currency can take some time to earn in this game, you have some in-app purchases to help with that. You can get Gas starting at the price of $2.99 for 60, while the huge Gas pack costs $99.99 and grants you 2720 units. Joules are somewhat cheaper and start at $0.99 for 25,000 joules, while the maximum price is $9.99 for 350,000.

Even though there are a good amount of in-app purchases, Battle Bears Gold Multiplayer doesn’t have a way to disable ads. These ads appear after every completed match, whether it’s a win or lose, and have to be watched to the end without a skip option.

Cheats & Tips for Battle Bears Gold Multiplayer

As it is the case with any competitive game’s userbase, certain Battle Bears Gold Multiplayer players will also start looking for cheats and ways to get an advantage over others. Don’t feel bad if this is the case, as I have some cheats, tips and tricks for you that will help get better at the game in no time!

One of the best cheats are related to ways in which you can earn currency for free, without doing anything difficult. The first thing that I suggest you definitely try is to go to the ”Bundle Deals” menu, then swipe down to the very bottom of the page. The top contains various ads for other games, but the bottom has around five or six banners that ask you to like, follow and favorite the game and devs on various social media in exchange for free Gas. The trick is that you don’t have to do any of those, and just have to tap the banners then go back to the game right away. This cheat takes a maximum of a minute and gets you over 30 Gas!


Another great way to get free Gas and Joules in Battle Bears Gold Multiplayer is by claiming your daily rewards. These don’t always show up, but you should just restart the game until they do. Make sure you claim these rewards multiple times in a row, as the rewards get better the longer your streak is!

As for more serious cheats, the game has a so called ”Pro Mode”, which includes two cheats that will give you a great advantage over others. The first is a double jump and the secondary is a radar that shows enemies wherever they are on the map, giving you the edge on them. Both of these cheats cost 60 Gas to unlock each, but you can easily get close to that number just by collecting all free Gas and winning a few matches!

The last cheat might feel somewhat unethical, but can be greatly useful when you are short on Joules. During matches of Battle Bears Gold Multiplayer when a teammate of yours kill an opponent, you can rush in and grab the Joules dropped by the opposing player before your teammate can collect them. It might seem obvious that the Joules were meant for the one who got the kill, but if you have no such standards then you are free to take said Joules as some extra for your bank!

Battle Bears Gold Multiplayer Review

No matter how many games I play, I always tend to go back to shooters after a while, as they just feel right to me. They usually have the perfect amount of action, planning and skills required to make them enjoyable even for a longer time. Battle Bears Gold Multiplayer seemed like a less serious, but complex take on multiplayer mayhem, and therefore peaked my interest in a big way.

After taking some confident steps into this multiplayer game, the first things that got my attention were the varying character designs. There were 11 different bears to choose from in the Gear Up menu, and all of them had some personality and a distinct design that made it obvious who was who. The character names and abilities were very reminiscent of Team Fortress 2’s classes, such as the Heavy or Demo, but in a bear form.


At first I only had three bears to choose from, and decided to try out all three. At least that’s what I wanted to do, but the game’s servers went down multiple times during the time I wanted to join matches, and left me unable to play anything but the tutorial. Later on I had some chance to try out the Heavy and Soldier classes in real matches as well, but the server issues are still a little disappointing.

Regarding the general gameplay of Battle Bears Gold Multiplayer, I must say the maps have a surprisingly good variety, while each of them feel unique and bigger than the preview pictures suggest. The powerups and boosts on maps are also an interesting addition, which made me think of classics such as Quake. The general gameplay is also similar to Quake, in that it plays in a fast manner, and reaction time is everything. Sadly on mobile this is harder than on PC, and therefore the battles feel a little sluggish.

The Gear Up menu has everything that a free to play mobile game has, two types of currency and a lot of upgrades, weapon alternatives and even character skins. What I really disliked here is that most of the items are very expensive, and earning enough currency can take a very long time, especially with the ongoing server issues. Certain weapons also feel a bit too powerful, but good positioning and reaction time can still win over new weapons. The biggest problem in the Gear Up menu is that classes have to be bought as well, and this limits a lot of the gameplay options until players can afford to get something new.

Overall, Battle Bears Gold Multiplayer is has solid shooter elements, a good variety of classes, weapons and equipment. Sadly the server issues and the unneccesarily expensive Gear Up items that limit the gameplay take away some of the fun to be had in the game. It might still worth a try if you want a less serious shooter on mobile, but be ready for the issues.

Battle Bears Gold Multiplayer Ratings 

Artwork: For the artwork of Battle Bears Gold Multiplayer, I give it an 8/10. The silly characters and the atmospheric environments really make the mood of the game, and put the experience into a bright spotlight.

Music & SFX: I give the music and the SFX an 7/10 as well. The music is surprisingly good in this title, especially so since each of the 14 maps has its own soundtrack, even if a little similar to eachother. The SFX are pretty basic though, but they do their job well enough.

Story & Originality: The story and originality of the game deserves a 6/10. This is your typical shooter, but this time around the characters are bears. That’s basically the most distinct thing in this game, although I must give it a small bonus for trying to be unique in a way.

General Gameplay: The general gameplay of Battle Bears Gold Multiplayer gets a 5/10. The basics of a multiplayer shooter are right in place in this game, but the server issues, the extreme pricing of items and a small number of overpowered premium weapons give it a bad name. It’s a shame, since the amount of classes, weapons and equipment could make for a close to perfect shooter otherwise.

Addictiveness: The addictiveness level of this title gets a 6/10 from me. The aforementioned problems bring the addictiveness down, as it’s hard to keep coming back to a game that can’t find a match 90% of the time because of the server errors. Still, playing against friends and owning strangers with a panda bear can be a fun activity when it actually works!

Overall Score: 6/10.