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Battleborn Pc, Ps4 Game Review

May 13, 2016

Battleborn Pc, Ps4 Game Review: Battleborn, by Borderlands the creators of Gearbox, is simultaneously annoying and hilarious. This is extremely visually drab and eye catching with the exciting moment gameplay that is still boring because of the how repetitive it gets.Battleborn Game

Battleborn Pc, Ps4 Game Review

Like Diablo, Borderlands was the FPS take on the game with skill to upgrade, hordes of enemies to kill and lots of loot to collect. Battleborn will bring the FPS treatment to League of the Legends and short rounds of 10-30minutes, where you will face off against the swarms of the minions and enemy of the heroes and will take down the other team by using your skills and weapons. Instead of slowly leveling up your character over course of hours of play, you have to quickly gain levels for your character during each match and unlocking the abilities as you go along and then reset back to zero at the end of each match.Battleborn PS4 Game Review

The results are not always translating well in multiplayer online battle arenas such as the League of Legends are played with the top down perspective that will give you as much as more situational awareness than the first person shooter can. Gearbox has done quite a good job by translating the genre into an FPS, with a wide selection of the abilities and heroes that are complemented by an interesting mix of the levels.

The game will start with the cartoon-y art style that is over the top, cheerful and bright. The different characters look unique. There is also a lot of variety, with more than a dozen different heroes to choose from but at the start of the game you will be limited to just seven of them.

Battleborn Official Trailer

In Battleborn you will get two modes i.e. campaign mode and cooperatively with other players. In both the modes you have to start with a set of basic objectives i.e. go there – kill that – then go somewhere else and kill the bigger version of the thing that you killed.

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You have to select your character before each mission and then they start at level one. Over the course of every mission, you will gain experience from killing your enemies that will raise your character’s level.

With the two fairly weak abilities you have to start each mission with your basic weapon and when you gain levels then you will unlock all sorts of the upgrades including a third and the much more powerful ability. The abilities that you will unlock are only for the duration of that mission, you will be starting fresh each time you play but yes you can pick up some cool gear during the missions.

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You will spend a lot of time by thinking about how to fine tune the balance of your character, will spent time on thinking about shards, which skills are best for what situation and will spent time on thinking about cooldowns for skills.Battleborn

The another thing that we did not liked about the game was the storytelling for the campaign, there is really not a much of the story to speak of and the way it is told leaves a lot to be desired too. The story feels like an afterthought.

But overall, Battleborn is an enjoyable action game that had some flaws but yes it is nonetheless fun to play and mostly thanks to its impressive roaster characters. Playing online was not an issue as there were some instances of lag that were quite frustrating, but these issues did not crop up very often.

If you have the option, then don’t play this game alone. Playing split-screen with a friend in the same room is obviously the most fun. So this game is having fun with strangers and friends.


  • Good mix of power and varied levels
  • Excellent roster of heroes
  • Split-screen local co-op


  • Not much fun to play alone
  • No story to speak of
  • Ratings (Out of 10): 8