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Best 12 Chinese Manufacturers of Selling Smartphones in India

May 29, 2016

Best 12 Chinese Manufacturers of Selling Smartphones in India: Last year, India’s smartphone shipment crossed 100 million units, placing it in the second spot globally after China and India beat the US for the second spot. A large chunk of theses 100 million smartphones was made by the Chinese phone manufacturers.Best 12 Chinese Manufacturers of Selling Smartphones in India

Best 12 Chinese Manufacturers of Selling Smartphones in India

1. Alcatel:

Between France’s Alcatel-Laurent and the Chinese TCL the company was a joint venture, but now the TCL owns the majority of the shares. Alcatel is known for its made-range OneTouch and Idol phones. Back in August 2014, they launched a phablet and 4 phones in India. Alcatel also sells tablets in India. The company has produced a Firefox OS based a smart watch and phone too.

2. Coolpad:

In India Coolpad is known for its sub Rs. 10,000 phones. Last October, by launching Coolpad Note 3 for Rs. 8999 they made an entry in the Indian market. In January, they also launched a stripped-doen version of the smartphone called Coolpad Note 3 lite and selling it for Rs 6,999. So far, the reviewers and the consumers have liked the company’s offerings.

3. G’five:

G’five is not a big phone brand, although it has significant name in China. Without any distinctive features it offers under Rs 10,000 Android smartphones. In India as well the company also offers a couple of feature.

4. Gionee:

By developing flashy and very thin mobiles Gionee had earned a name. At one point Gionee Elife S5 was the slimmest smartphone available with a thickness of 5.5mm. Since then, the company has come up with the range of mobiles in India and China. It now sells feature smartphones starting from Rs. 1000 to smartphones costing Rs 35,000.

5. Haier:

In India Haier has been for a long time but as the appliance maker. Recently in the Indian market they have ventured with phones. But instead of taking plunge into the ever growing smartphone market, they are now concentrating on selling the feature smartphone. They also have some low-end smartphones but without any standout features.

6. Huawei:

In India, Huawei has been a leader in selling the networking solutions and in recent years they have produced some good smartphones. In India their sub-brand Honor has been received very well. Under Ascend and Mate series Huawei sells smartphones of a different range. The company also partnered with Google to manufacture Nexus 6P.

7. Konka:

This relatively an unknown brand is almost nonexistent in India and on a few portals they still sell one or two outdated phones.

8. Lenovo:

In India before Lenovo jumped into the smartphone business, they sold millions of laptops and PCs. Then in 2012, the company began selling Android phones. In India in recent times, Lenovo’s K3 Note and Vibe series have been fairly popular. Their sales have been boosted by fact that they acquired Motorola Mobility from the Google whose Moto E and Moto G are quite popular in India.

9. Letv:

In China a very popular company i.e. Letv launched under the name LeEco in India. Initially they launched two devices i.e. LeEco Max and LeEco 1S. Recently they also launched their new phones i.e. LeEco Max 2, Le 2 Pro and LeEco Le 2 in China and in India these will be launched on 3 May.

10. Meizu:

In 2008 Meizu started selling smartphones and it is one of the newer companies that have made in a short time a remarkable progress. In India they offer 12 smartphones, with Meizu Pro 6 being their latest offer. The unique thing about the Meizu company is that the company is selling phones with OS and Ubuntu smartphone as well.

11. OnePlus:

In India OnePlus was an instant hit when it arrived in 2014. They launched their first phone on invite basis i.e. OnePlus One and they received an enthusiastic response. At a mid-range price, a lot of people were attracted to high-end specs. In 2015, they launched two smartphonea i.e. OnePlus X and OnePlus 2.

12. Oppo:

In September 2013, Oppo launched the eyes of the world by launching Oppo N1 which had a rotating camera. Since then, they have launched plenty of smartphones and most of them have new camera features such as the beauty mode.