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Best Android Calendar App

Jul 12, 2015

If you are surfing for “Best Android Calendar App“, then we are glad that you find this article. After lots of research we are manage to prepare the list of best android calender app for you all. We all love funny gizmos and features in our phone. We believe these are the accessories which are going to make our day and make our lives. When we have a shiny and fancy calendar app in our mobile phone, we actually do not need anything else. Thus, you must look out for these calendar apps which will be able to make your life interesting.

Best Android Calendar App



First on the list of some great calendar apps comes aCalendar. This has been proved to be of the most interesting, popular and also feature-heavy apps that can be possibly available on the list. It’s free, does not contain any ads but it will be backed up with additional features if there is the $3.99 version available.

It includes interesting and engaging elements like widgets and even good resource management which has a comparatively low battery stain. It has the various colors for organization and also NFC sharing. It is even provided with stuff like the lunar calendar for a fan of require widgets, this is a great deal.


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#Business calendar

Business Calendar

For some people, the options and tastes may be quite different and engaging. There is this business Calendar which one can say is oriented more toward the use of people for work and even business purposes. There is a free version available but with free app there can be some hiccups. The free version however has ads, however it is the paid version which will be supplemented with more of such features and will not have any ads also.

It also tends to look pretty nice for a model of calendar. In the paid version one can be more benefitted as one can get more of these unique features like there are the options of the drag-and-drop events and it even has the ability to add a kind of  task manager ap.

There are also options available to choose from a dozen more widget designs, and there is then the ability to create better templates for some events in your calendar. Overall, it’s thus a very solid option with the availability of some strong features.


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#Cal calendar

Cal Calendar

Cal Calendar is also one of your personal and engaging favorite entries out there on the list because it’s not just a good calendar but it also did win the designed app of the year for 2015. It is equipped with every basic feature that you would like to from a thing called calendar plus available and backed with a few extras like some more tagging events provided with locations.

Thus, the app is also very well designed, it is even modular and is also easy to use. It’s definitely a great and useful step in the different direction from other options of calendar apps and it’s completely and totally free.


[divider[divider style=”solid” top=”20" bottom=”20"]We hope guys you all enjoyed all the above “Best Android Calendar App“, if we have missed you best android calender app then feel free to comment below. Thus, one must try and experiment with the options of android calendar app which is sure shot a success to you. You will love these apps and thus your phone.

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