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Best Apps for Apartment Rentals and House Hunting – 2018 Picks

Apr 18, 2017

Finding your next apartment or house can be tricky, especially if you aren’t familiar with the area, or are shopping in somewhere you don’t directly live. Even if you are shopping in your own area, it can be tough knowing what is available and what the going prices are for places in that area. You definitely do not want to be forced to pay a higher rent because you were not completely informed. Luckily for you, we have apps that can make finding your next apartment or house a breeze and give you all of the information you need to make the best, and most informed decision possible. Not only will these apps help you make a good informed decision, but it will also aid you in making these decisions in a relatively quick matter of time. You do not want to be on the outskirts of the housing market for too long, because you can often miss some really great deals.

With these apps, I wanted to have a ton of awesome features like mortgage calculators for those purchasing a house, or relative prices for apartment hunters. It was important for these apps to be used widely by relators or individuals so that you can actually find recent listings. I wanted these apps to be available on both the Android and iTunes marketplace, so everyone had access regardless of what type of phone they had. Lastly, I wanted these apps to be easy to use so that anyone could install it and have an equal shot at having a great deal on a new house or apartment. So without any more introduction, here are the five best apps for house and apartment hunting.

Top 5 Apps For Renters in 2018

  1. Rad Pad

A super popular app among cities, Rad Pad helps you find your dream apartment. There are over 1 million homes and apartments registered to the data base, with more being added every day. Rad Pad was voted in the Top 10 Best New Apps on multiple different websites, and the Google Play store. With Rad Pad, you can browse all apartments and houses that are available, or search through roommate want ads. You can easily see places that are looking to fill a room, which is a great feature if you want to split rent and make things a bit easier on yourself.

Another great feature of Rad Pad is the ability to pay your rent through it. Whether you are an individual, or a group, you can all pay your rent through Rad Pad by using its simple interface. The app will send an instant check or direct deposit right into their bank account! You can even create a rental application through the app itself, and cut down on the time of having to fill out paper work and find the time to hand it back to the landlord. Rad Pad is definitely a good place to start your search for an apartment or house.

  1. Rent.com

Rent.com allows you to browse hundreds of thousands of verified apartments or houses available in your area. They allow you to browse by certain amenities and budgets, which makes it perfect for someone who is very particular about where they want to live. On top of that, you’ll get real reviews from previous tenants on either the property or the landlord. This will not leave you in the dark so you can have a bit of an expectation of what you’re getting into when dealing with that landlord. On top of that, there are a ton of legit badges on this app, which means that the place was actually inspected by one of the app professionals and verified it is up to standard and is as advertised. This will inevitably save you time and money by not having to deal with misleading pictures.

Rent.com allows you to take virtual tours filled with videos and HD pictures to get a good idea of the place before you actually take the next step. This can save you time and money if you are not in the area in which the apartment is. You can also send emails or make phone calls straight from the app, which makes connecting with the landlords a breeze and saves you a ton of time in the communication aspect.

  1. Hot Pads

With over two million installations and millions of listings across the United States, Hot Pads is one of the best apps available for major cities. With Hot Pads, you are able to search from the largest selection of homes available for rent in the United States. It is most definitely recommend for those living in larger cities, and it has a ton of volume to those areas. Though, you may get lucky if you are in the suburbs, so it is always worth trying. Hot Pads allows you to set alerts when a listing is posted that meets your specific criteria. This is great because you will never miss out on any great opportunities that might be posted. You will always get an instant update and be able to send an email to say that you’re interested.

Hot Pads also allows you to share listings with your friends. This makes apartment hunting for a group a lot easier because you can all easily share the apartments that you like and make decisions together. You can also browse with the advanced search features such as whether or not you want a place that is just looking for a room to be rented out, or perhaps you want pet friendly apartments, or government subsidized housing. Hot Pads allows you to search extremely efficiently and be effective each time you use the app.

  1. Trulia

Trulia makes finding your next place a breeze with its amazing search functions. Trulia gives you local maps with a nice layout of the area and what each apartment that is listed is going for. On top of that, you can compare with other local places to see if you are getting a good deal or not. With Trulia, one of the cool features is that you can do a commuters check to see if your morning commute to work or school will be bearable at that new place. It will give you a map with the most efficient way to get to where you need to go whether it be by public transportation or by car.

Trulia even gives you a history of natural disasters that have occurred in the area of the places you are looking at. You will get a full crime report on the neighborhood and get reviews on the school system. Trulia has a ton of amazing features that will keep you well informed and confident in your next decision. The only downside to the app is that it features advertisements that are relatively annoying. Obviously, you can go to their website to avoid this, but for the apps sake, the ads are quite annoying and take away from time spent looking for a new place.

  1. Zillow Rentals

Hands down the most widely used app on this list, Zillow takes the number one spot with ease. Not only does this app have the most daily postings than any other, it has a ton of other awesome features that will make apartment hunting a breeze. You can set any kind of notification whether it be for new openings in a specific area, or for notifications on places that have gone.

You can contact landlords directly with Zillow and get in contact in an instant. You can schedule viewings, exchange emails, and more all at the touch of a button with the app. You can calculate your mortgage with this app, and instantly check to see what surrounding apartments are going for to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. Shopping for an apartment or house has never been easier, and I definitely suggest your first stop be Zillow Rentals!