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Best Apps for Finding a Babysitter in 2018 – Babysitting & Childcare

Jun 14, 2017

Finding a reliable babysitter can be quite a task sometimes. Usually, you would only allow someone that you know to babysit your kids. That someone is usually a family member, or someone very close to you. However, that would be the ideal situation. Not everyone has a go-to person to ask to babysit their children. If you are in a tough situation, there are always some babysitting services that you can use. With smartphones becoming mainstream, there are several babysitting apps and websites that you can directly access. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best and easy to use apps and websites for finding a babysitter.


Care.com is one of the more easily recognized babysitter services. You could see Care.com as a matchmaking app, allowing parents and babysitters to match with each other. As the name of the service already suggests, Care.com started as a website, back in 2007. They decided to also release an Android and iOS app to expand their user base, since a lot of people own at least one smartphone or tablet. Care.com allows you to see a lot of information about the babysitters, as well as check out their references. Care.com also does background checks on every single one of their babysitters. This gives parents a safer feeling when they hire a sitter from Care.com. You can access the Care.com service on their website, or by using their apps.

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Urbansitter is one of the highest rated babysitter apps for Android and iOS. You can easily use Urbansitter to find a babysitter in your area. The app features a rating system, allowing you to see how highly the babysitters are rated. According to the Urbansitter website, using the app will allow you to find a babysitter within 15 minutes. Naturally, this is only in areas that have a large population. Another great thing about Urbansitter is that you are able to see what the babysitters look like, how old they are, how much experience they have and what their fees are. This gives you a great overview, allowing you to easily pick your sitter.

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Sittercity is also a matchmaking app for parents and babysitters, just like Care.com. You can use the website, or the mobile apps, to find babysitters in your direct area. Sittercity has an impressively large user base, which means that it shouldn’t take long for you to find a sitter. According to the Sittercity website, you will get unlimited access to premium features for an entire month. It also states that every 9 seconds, a family meets a new sitter. Since Sittercity gets over 2000 new sitters every day, it is a very speedy service. You can hire part-time, full-time and date-night sitters. Sittercity has a clear website, as well as Android and iOS apps.

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Seeking Sitters

If safety and security is your number one concern, you should also be willing to pay extra for it. Seeking Sitters is a service that offers a direct matchup with babysitters, but this will cost you a hefty price of $59.99. Keep in mind that the babysitter fees are not included in this. It is to be expected that Seeking Sitters is such an expensive service. Their website states that each babysitter goes through an extensive background check. A private investigator checks out every babysitter that works for Seeking Sitters. This means that you can rest assured while you leave your children to one of the babysitters at Seeking Sitters. Unfortunately, you will have to do with the website of Seeking Sitters, as the service doesn’t have mobile apps.

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Sitting Around

If you are not looking to spend a lot of money, or any money at all, there is a service called Sitting Around that you can use. With Sitting Around, you are able to connect to your local babysitting coop. Instead of paying money to the babysitter, the babysitter simply collects hours. The babysitter can then use those hours to “hire” a babysitter to watch his or her own kids. Sitting Around simply facilitates the babysitting service, the babysitters are the ones that get in touch with each other. Sitting Around is great for people that want to work with other babysitters, and exchange the hours that they make into babysitting hours. You can check out Sitting Around by going to their website. They do not have any mobile apps.

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If you are on the market for a nanny, instead of a babysitter, eNannysource is the service you would want to use. On eNannysource, you can match with qualified nannies. The difference between eNannysource and other similar services, like Urbansitter, is that eNannysource only offers full-time nannies. On top of that, there is a built-in background check available on the eNannysource website. This tool allows you to do a thorough background check on any of the nannies on the website. You can also directly message the nannies through the site itself. eNannysource is a great service for when you are looking for a full-time nanny. The service is only accessible through their website, and doesn’t have any mobile apps available.

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If you are only looking to get your kids from or to something, Zum is probably the app that you are looking for. With Zum, you can hire a skilled caregiver that will shuttle around your kids to where they need to be. You basically are paying for an Uber for your kids. The main difference is that the Zum drivers are all professionals in childcare. There are different kinds of pricing available, so you will have to check the fare estimates to get a clear picture of the costs. Zum works on both Android and iOS devices, and can be found on both app markets.

While a service like Zum could be what you were looking for, there are some downsides to the app. For starters, the services that Zum provides are only available in some counties in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as all of Orange County. That means that if you are not from those places, you will not be able to use the services that Zum provides. If Zum would expand its operation, the popularity of the app would surely skyrocket.

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