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Best Camera Apps for Android

Jun 26, 2015

Hi friends we are back again with “Best Camera Apps for Android“, if you love to capture pictures in your free time then you also going to love our list. Have you always felt that you have the knack for making better photographs? If yes, then better utilize your plusses which would exist in your smartphone. One of the plusses is the advantage of excellent photography apps that exist. This can be done better if we download some of the better photography apps that are available, hope you like them all.

Best Camera Apps for Android
Best Camera Apps for Android

1. Google’s camera

Google’s camera

This app already exists on Nexus phones. It is a fairly basic app that lets your experiment with some smart features of the phone. It is necessary that you utilize the benefits of the smart phone in a very nice way by utilizing the extra effects that exist. They are called Panorama, Lens Blur and even Photo Sphere. Among these, Photo Sphere lets you create some 360 degree images which are quite experiential. There are also Google maps and thus sharing photos will become quite easy.


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2. Instagram


This is yet another cool app that is making generations go gung ho about it. It is an amazing app that lets you take photos and equally enjoy the benefits and effects of it. It is quite necessary that you enjoy the app when you are travelling, make stories of it by clicking enough pictures and then share them as well. Thus, like that it is a very good app to spend your time with.


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3. VSCO cam


It is a new app that has made to android last year.  Though the built in camera of this app is relatively simple, you have many things in here to experiment with.  For a naïve person, it has basic control options that also include grid lines. There are even flash toggles.  If you are someone who is very passionate about photography then you have a range of filters to choose from to click your photos in different styles. One also has the option to buy even some more filters through the process of in-app purchases.


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Camera ZOOM FX

This has become like the favorite camera pap for people who love technology.  One of the factors being their default camera which is simply great. It is a must app for every Android. There is something called as a stable-shot model which likes helps people snap photos when the camera is completely ready to take a good picture. Tap to focus and tap to snap are other features of this app which is equally sleazy.


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Google Photos

This is yet a kind of different app from Google camera. One of the best and simply great features of the app isthe mode of Auto Awesome which one could have seen on the web in Goggle+.  Basically you can click multiple photos at a time and also get its enhanced versions later. So one is in a position to  do anything with the required picture  they like and even  put some graphics in it. They can even put it on Instar gram or do some other crazy stuff.


[divider style=[divider style=”solid” top=”20" bottom=”20"]guys you all enjoyed all the above collection of “Best Camera Apps for Android” for any query feel free to comment us below. Thus look out for these apps and be the photographer you wanted to be.

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