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    Best Cross-platform Antivirus

    Aug 1, 2019

    Cyber attacks across digital platforms are on the rise with many individuals and companies losing their data or being held hostage by hackers through the installation of malware. It is for this reason that many people are investing in cross-platform antiviruses that guarantee them protection from all types of attacks. Luckily, finding an antivirus that offers protection for all kinds of devices is possible as many of them are listed online. Most times, the installation of the antivirus can make the difference between having peace of mind while working and constant worrying about possible attacks on their computers.

    Tips on choosing a cross-platform antivirus

    In this digital era, it is vital for you to protect yourself from any form of digital attacks by installing an antivirus across all your devices. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when looking for the best antivirus in the market.


    Popular antivirus programs have built a reputation of dependability over time and are often an excellent place to start when looking for protection for your devices. Most times, they can offer various options for antiviruses, giving you a chance to choose one that meets your needs. Nevertheless, some upcoming companies offer excellent antivirus options, and you can check them out before making a final decision.

    Scope of protection

    Typically, antiviruses that offer protection across devices should not have any restrictions towards any platform. However, there are some that are limited in the protection they provide which makes it essential to confirm the devices it covers. It is advisable to go for an antivirus that offers protection for Android, Windows and iOS devices without any limitations. Also, if the cost of the entire package is high, you may consider starting with the basic one then upgrading later on.

    Cost of installation

    Majority of cross-platform antivirus programs are affordable, but it is still essential to know the exact amount you are expected to pay. In some cases, the costs depend on the features that are selected by the user, while others are sold as a full package. Ensure that you understand the cost implications of the antivirus chosen and ask for clarification on any extra fees regarding the installation. If possible, go for a program that offers numerous features at a minimal cost without compromising on the overall service.

    Customer support

    Antivirus programs are not perfect and may sometimes have issues that need to be resolved quickly so that your devices are adequately protected. Ensure that the customer support team at the company offering you antivirus program are reachable both day and night. The team should provide a solution within the shortest time possible to avoid putting your data and devices in danger of attacks. Also, the customer service team should be accessible by phone, e-mail or even chat so that they can respond immediately to inquiries.

    Top 5 favorite cross-platform antivirus

    Online research is the best way to find an antivirus that is compatible with your devices. Some of the cross-platform antiviruses that have become popular over the years are listed below.

    McAfee Total Protection

    McAfee antivirus offers all-round management for your password and overall security for your devices including iOS devices. The antivirus can protect up to five devices at the cost of $49.99, but this can stretch to ten devices according to mcafee anti virus service review. The cost of protection across devices offered by McAfee is affordable when compared to others in the market. Its outstanding features include the availability of parental control and file encryption among others. Additionally, it has a comprehensive suite that protects users from identity theft when using the internet, making it one of the first companies to offer such services.


    Kaspersky offers antivirus across many platforms through two main options, namely total security and security cloud. The former is ideal for individuals that have a low budget but still need proper protection for their devices while online. It has many outstanding features such as file encryption, parental control, secure firewall and backup of files both locally and internationally. Alternatively, the Kaspersky security cloud can be installed in twenty devices such as phones, tablets, and even computers. Its extra features include VPN and password management that is offered at a great price for various device protected by the antivirus.

    Norton Security

    Norton Security offers computer users that need protection across devices two options to choose from depending on their needs. These two security suites are the deluxe and premium option with the latter offering more protection. Even so, these two antivirus programs share some features such as excellent malware protection, a powerful firewall, mobile security for iOS and Android devices among others. Additionally, the premium option offers protection for ten devices across the board, making it ideal for large organizations. It also provides comprehensive parental control that is backed up by many bonus features for both individual and corporate users.

    Webroot Secure

    If you are on a budget but still need an excellent cross-platform antivirus, you should consider Webroot. It offers a security suite that protects up to five devices from digital attacks, password hackers and encrypts your pages so that phishing pages cannot decode them. Apart from the online backup services that come as part of the package, the antivirus also offers a tune up as well as optimization system for users. On the downside, Webroot does not have features such as spam filtering or parental control which is familiar with other antivirus programs.

    ESET Security Pack

    ESET antivirus offers protection across multiple devices including Android, Windows, Linux, and macOS. The antivirus is ideal for users that need the protection of a couple of devices from any hacking or malware attack. Users of iOS devices may have to purchase the Pro Edition for them to get extra components such as firewall and complete parental control. Also, the cost of the antivirus software is a bit costly when compared to other similar ones in its category.

    Ultimately, cross-platform antiviruses are a “must have” for everyone looking for protection for all their devices. It is essential to choose the best one for your devices to avoid any loss of information or hacking when using the internet.