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Best Free Brain Games for Android

Jun 30, 2015

Hi friends we are back with “Best Free Brain Games for Android” list, if you are an android lover then you also going to love our list. It is necessary if not required that you have such interesting brain games which can entertain you to the highest extent. These games are the best and it is required that you entertain yourself with them as and when required.  Thus, read out for these free brain games which will be your pals for life, enjoy.

Best Free Brain Games for Android
Best Free Brain Games for Android

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Top Best Free Brain Games for Android

1. Mind games

Mind Games

Mind games are one of the best in the series of entertaining games.  It is proved to be one of the best brain training apps that are required for Android. It consists of 28 mind ware’s amazing brain training games which has in excess to 100 levels of possible difficulty.  Hat is also included in these games are also the Puzzle games and even Math games along with word games.  These games can easily help you to sharpen your memory. Hat is also available is a score list and even a graph of the progress and also some app that can track your performances as well.


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2. Memory Trainer

Memory Trainer

Memory Trainer has also been proved to be a good and entertaining game. The game is also equipped with 20 different and available sessions. It actually tests one’s spatial and also visual memory along with the concentration levels and other elements that are necessary. The difficulty level of the game may also increase as one keeps moving ahead  in the required game and as one would passing the previous level successfully. You can also scale the improvement in your memory quick too.


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3. Brain Age Test Free

Brain Age Test Free

Brain Age Test Free is also one of the best free Android app that will entertain you and even test age of your brain. The game is based on some really cool and few simple tests. The app lets you test your mind with a series of questions and also exercise your mind whenever required. At the end of the given quizzing session, it would assist you to calculate one’s rate of success and also lets you know the age of your brain. It also helps your work well on your memory.


[divider[divider style=”solid” top=”20" bottom=”20"]4. Sudoku master

Sudoku Master

This is yet another game that people love. Brain testing gets this game and it is one of the classics which people can get. Sudoku and Sudoku Master can be the best choice if you really want to qualify a very good quality Sudoku game.  The game tends to really have some impressive graphics and also smooth interface which lets one attain all the required buttons of the given app easily including the numbers and some other options. Also the game is equipped with four levels for easy, normal, hard to expert.

There are also other features like auto-save and even Undo along with Redo and also smart notes that are available. There is also the option where one can check their given scores and even get to track your progress that is required online.


[divider sty[divider style=”solid” top=”20" bottom=”20"]ope guys you all enjoyed our “Best Free Brain Games for Android” list, if you have any query or suggestion for us then do let us know via comments below. Thus, these are the best free brain game apps which people can use. People must look into these games.

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  • Ramees KR

    Hey Akash,
    I would like to add some more games,
    Personally I reccomend ‘Elevate’ app,
    eventhough it is a paid one.
    It can downloaded via Torrent for free 😉

    Geometry Dash
    Not a direct brain game,But best one to improve memory 🙂

    • Definitely I try will to write about Elevate app also, anyway thanks for visiting Ramees KR.
      Thanks for visiting.

  • Hi Akash,

    Nice and informative post, out of the listed one i like the mind games , now i need to try out other games listed below..!


    • Thanks Mukesh, for your appreciation.