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Best Free Trivia Games for Android (Quiz Games)

Jun 29, 2015

Hi friends if you are searching for “Best Free Trivia Games for Android“, then we are glad that you find this post. Here we have best collection of android trivia games for you all. Sometime it is necessary that you try these games so that they can be fun when you want.  They can spice your brain and give you some time to think about the various answers to it. Every phone needs such kind of games because they are an amazing fun time. Thus, try these game when you are bored. Look out.

Best Free Trivia Games for Android
Best Free Trivia Games for Android

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Top 5 Best Free Trivia Games for Android

1. QuizUp

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It is considered to be a classic trivia game ever which one can ever get. There are many topics in this game and it is considered to be a very classic trivia game. There is literature to even Math’s and other games in this collection. They have more than 400,000 questions. The game is out there to tell you in detail what are the stats and what are the other details of the game. It lets you have a talk you’re your friends and get a good battle of knowledge.


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2. Guess the song

Guess The Song

It is the game to be ever had and played. WE all are big fans of music and this game is going to interest you even further. The game allows one to recognize the songs and play them with all enthusiasm. The song will be from any of the collections and you will have to recognize it at the right time in the given moment. So got the tune?


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3. Movie pop


If you are a big fan of movies, then this game is worth it. It is one of the best t gams ever which one can have. In the game called Movie Pop, there would be a quiz game that would allow yp to guess the names of the movies and also the actors. One also has the opportunity to guess the names of directors which are based on clips and given photos. More than 45 playlists are available. There is action, comedy and some hits from 90’s.


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Trivia Crack

If you are talking about Trivia, then Trivia Crack is the best game for it. It is an excellent combination of various games and has strategy and intelligence combine with it. It needs one to challenge their friend sand know who is more knowledgeable and wise. It also helps one combines the knowledge testing with the given bit of strategy, chance and also available is the even power-ups! There are over 90,000 questions available. There are also options of love chats. So if you want to have some fun.


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Is a very entertaining and good game.  It us actually an official and thoroughly great game that is based on the popular and available TV show from the given same. It first came in the US and it was launched only in the 60’s. You can make your separate avatar and also challenge friends with this game. There is the availability of a live podium and you must wait for the given cues then to have more fun with it.


[divider style=[divider style=”solid” top=”20" bottom=”20"]guys you all enjoyed all the above best android trivia games for tablet and smartphones. If unfortunately we have missed your best trivia games for android then do let us know via comments below and have a great day ahead.

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