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Best Gallery Lock App for Android 2016

Oct 30, 2015

Best Gallery Lock App for Android 2016: You have private pictures in your gallery and want to protect them from others? Keep them private through these apps in the list of best gallery lock app for android 2016 and don’t let anyone to touch your files ever!

Best Gallery Lock App for Android 2016
Best Gallery Lock App for Android 2016

Top 5 Best Gallery Lock App for Android 2016

Gallery Lock1. Gallery Lock (Hide pictures)

This application, Gallery Lock (Hide pictures) is ranked as the App of the Year by Times Magazine. This is only because this application can hide images, pictures and videos too and helps to remain them a secret. It locks up the gallery for personal privacy and protects them from the hands of another person. The main features of this app are that it hides images, videos, supports stealth mode, it takes a picture of the person who is trying to open your locked gallery on a failed attempt of three times by the watchdog feature, it helps to share them to the friends, a backup is stored in drop box or Google drive,  rotate, zoom the pictures, create beautiful designs, play a background music with the slide show, many types of viewing options, and many features to hide the pictures, and share them fast. Open them with a pin code or a pattern accordingly. This app requires permission to call and camera. If there is a problem in recovering the images then uninstall the app, download it again from the play store, switch to settings and find the lost files and the files will be recovered soon in the external storage. Download this app now to keep your files private.

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Gallery Lock (Hide pictures)

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Safe Gallery2. Safe Gallery Free (Media Lock)

Safe gallery free (media lock) is there in each and every devices I believe. Because of its stunning features, the androidians love to download this application. You can hide the images from the web page and manage the gallery easily. It supports many languages like English, Japanese, Korean, and Arabic. Get your images, videos, web images locked and while opening, open with a pin, password or a pattern. If you delete the pictures, you lose them forever. To get them back, install the app again go to the setting, and recover the files again.

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Safe Gallery Free

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Gallery Vault-Hide Video&Photo3. Gallery Vault-Hide Video & Photo

Gallery Vault-Hide Video & Photo is an application that allows you to save and lock your images easily without any problem. It also has a unique feature like it can hide its own icon as well and keep the images full protected and safe. No one will know the existence of this app other than you. This app will store and move the images like the GIF images as well in the external storage and keep them safe. It has got an awesome interface and easy to handle that has no limitation on storage and shake your mobile to get the vault in a hurry. This app also keeps an account whosoever is trying to unlock your privacy. It helps you to give a fake password and will show you fake images in need and also supports finger print scanner in certain devices. This application has got superb reviews, and supports all kinds of formats, and in case if you forget your pass codes then go the settings and recover your gallery vault.

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Gallery Vault

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Secure Gallery4. Secure Gallery (Pic/Video Lock)

This application hides and secures your gallery, video that has a friendly user interface using a password, pin and a pattern. Get the images and videos unlocked instantly. Using a stealth mode this app allows you to hide the app icon as well. Shows the files in a slide show, makes a new folder to distinguish your files, set a proper background of the folder, share them directly, and lots of unlimited features. Get this app now to take the fun of it.

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Secure Gallery App

[divid[divider style=”single” border=”small” color=”#111111"]h3>Hide pictures5. Hide pictures – Keep Safe Vault

Keep Safe is a picture locker that keeps all of your private personal images and videos hidden and safe at one corner of your device. This app has got a simple design, manageable pin code, upload them to anywhere in social networking sites and unhide it anytime you feel like. Personalize them any type based on choice, edit them, and watch them in a slide show. It provides you a fake pin, the break in alerts, and keeps you notified about the app.

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Hide pictures App

[divider[divider style=”single” border=”small” color=”#111111"]Hope you enjoyed the list of Best Gallery Lock App for Android 2016. Download them from Google play store and keep your files safe. On other hand friends if we have missed your best gallery lock app for android phone then do let us know via comments below and thanks for visiting.

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