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Best Glasses Free Cardboard Experience Offers by Converge VR Headset

May 17, 2016

Best Glasses Free Cardboard Experience Offers by Converge VR Headset: Converge VR is based on the Mumbai and it is one of the newest entrants into the space and it has been working on the series of the headsets foe the mobile-based virtual reality. It means that making the cardboard compatible devices and Converge VR headset is from the nicer that takes on the technology we have seen. Along with a few extra bonuses that you normally do not see on the Cardboard headsets it offers comfort and ease of use.Converge VR Headset


  • Strong apps and padding will allow you to go hands free
  • This cardboard headset comes with IPD and focus control
  • It will work with both Android and iOS between the 4.7 and 6 inches

In the virtual reality, there is a growing wave of interest as because today the mobile phone companies are also starting to turn to it as next big thing. Today, Samsung has been one of the pioneers with its new Gear VR headset but with development of the Google Cardboard the phone makers have turned onto the trend of bundling along the low-cost of VR headsets with their devices.Converge VR Headset Review

Karbonn also launched its Titanium Mach Six and Quattro L52 with VR headsets and like Lenovo now Karbonn is also focusing on the potential of giving the big screen experience on your smartphone, so thanks to the headset.

There are also various third party options available like:

  • The basic headsets made out of the actual cardboard that is included the DIY kits which is priced at around Rs. 100
  • The assembled kids that costs under Rs. 500
  • Some more elaborate sets that costs up to Rs. 10,000

Converge VR’s headset is also little on the expensive side as it costs around Rs. 2,000. But no doubt it comes with many extra features that will typically do not see on cheap headsets that will make it very comfortable to use and it could make it a good option for the people.Converge VR Headset Image


The Converge VR headset looks like the pretty standard Google Cardboard headset i.e. albeit one made out of the plastic instead of the cardboard but it has extra straps on the back. The plastic that it uses feels little cheap to touch and that does not really matter as you are not going to handle it much.

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On the back, there is a layer of the foam to protect your head and nose and this makes it fairly comfortable to wear. The straps will run behind your head and above it too, so the headset feels secure to wear. But in terms of comfort we found some little complaints about it, though headset uses the elastic straps but they are little hard to adjust and it means that putting headset on is quite a bit struggle.Converge VR Headset Design

The slot is on the front where the smartphone goes in the held place with the rubber buckle that is very easy enough to open and it feels quite secure. At the top right corner of the headset, there is a small lever that will activate the touch input on your phone.


To fit the smartphone into the Converge VR headset was easy. Although the headset is a little difficult to put on, but once you wear it you will experience it comfortable. Being able to adjust IPD and the focus also led to the nicest glasses-free experiences.

The construction is also pretty solid. And yes thanks to the padding. But it is not easy to quickly remove the smartphone and interact with it.


It is little hard to justify this device if you are price-conscious. But yes the Converge VR is a well-made headset that is very comfortable to use. It also got few extra whistles and bells that you will don’t normally see in the Cardboard headsets. You can also easily adjust IPD and focus.

So if you already have the basic headset and if you are looking for something little better before the next generation of the technology comes around then you should definitely give the Converge VR a try for sure.