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Best GPS Navigation Apps for Android 2016

Dec 9, 2015

Best GPS Navigation Apps for Android 2016: If you love to do traveling and finding new places then we highly recommend you to try our list of best gps navigation apps for android phone, you like them all. Here are the Best GPS Navigation Apps for Android 2016. Download them and make life easier. Friends don’t forget to follow us for more android app list update, cheers.

Top 5 Best GPS Navigation Apps for Android 2016

MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps1. MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps

Get to access maps for free. You can use them offline too. This is a better and improved version of an award winning navigation app called skobbler. You can also upgrade your offline maps from time to time. The features are good and efficient. Now get a new range of brilliant features. Explore the voice guided and text to speech functions. The maps display the speed limits too. The maps give a total detail of all the places. You can search anything you want like hotels, restaurants, night clubs, bars and other such places. Download it as soon as you can.

MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps App

google play

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GPS satellite navigation2. GPS satellite navigation

Have the world’s more downloaded navigation app on your smart phones today. It is powered by Google map. The maps get upgraded for time to time and that also for absolutely free. It will help you with multi stop directions and give you suggestions about all the alternative routes to a place. So no worries if you have this friendly app at your fingertips. Share locations easily and bookmark important places. Make life much easier. The maps tell you every minute detail. Download it now.

GPS satellite navigation app

google play

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Offline maps & Navigation3. Offline maps & Navigation

This is an amazing and efficient android navigation app that if a must have. And what’s the best part? It is absolutely free for you. Get unlimited navigation features. Get access to this app offline too. It offers you updates free of cost. Now use this app in 33 different languages. Choose your desired language now. It provides you a list of speed limits and keeps you warned. It gives you 3d maps of the buildings. It records tracks too. Use the night mode to get extra benefits. It tells you about minute lanes and offers navigation o pedestrians and cars too. Download this app now.

Offline maps & Navigation App

google play

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HERE Maps4. HERE Maps : Offline Navigation

This app is clone of your GPS. Now have accurate directions and keep track of locations a lot better. And it is completely free for you. You can use it offline. This will save you from getting lost. Keep track of everything without the use of internet also. Search for any place you want, get addresses and choose the best route to your destination. Get to know about all the malls, airports. Have 3d maps. Get directions and accurate public transit for around a thousand cities around the globe. It offers maps for numerous countries. Save time and energy, download the app.

HERE Maps Offline Navigation

google play

[divid[divider style=”single” border=”small” color=”#000000"]h3>Waze5. Waze – GPS, Maps & Traffic

Have the world’s largest community based navigation app at your fingertips. Get to know the best routes around your city. Get warned about accident prone areas, hazardous areas, police traps and much more. It guides you navigation more accurate than ever. Now get to access live maps which are updated by editors. Now bookmark your frequently used routes and favourite destinations. Now connect online and stay connected with your near and dear ones. Now get to know about all events for facebook and calendar. And what is more fascinating? It provides you location of the cheapest gas station. Download the app now.

Waze - GPS, Maps & Traffic

google play

[divider[divider style=”single” border=”small” color=”#000000"]Finally, we hope friends you find all the above information very informative related to “Best GPS Navigation Apps for Android 2016“, if we have still missed your best android gps navigation apps then do let us know via comments below and thanks for visiting again.

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  • Rocco

    I tried MapFactor GPS Navigation and HERE Maps. I didn’t like either. MapFactor maps are clunky and ugly. Both had terrible routing capabilities taking me many miles out of the way. Google maps has the besting routing but it’s not a real offline map….unfortunately. Yes, you can save a portion of a map, but it’s not real offline.