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Best Home Automation Apps For Smarthings

Nov 17, 2017

The time when home automation was the preserve of linear motion control and little beyond that is far behind us, and retreating more and more every day. The culmination of our efforts was a TV lift which allowed us to use our tables during the day, or windows which we could control by remote. More and more often, home automation now means something completely different to what we originally dreamed of.

Now that smart homes are becoming increasingly visible, home automation is moving into ways to control that home via one single device. According to Progressive Automations this move requires apps which allow us to harness all the information which is coming in from our house, and be able to control it. Unfortunately, now there are more apps than can reasonably be understood by most people, so this article aims to look at the best apps which are currently available.


This app is an iOS which is free in Apple iStore (although if they want to upgrade to a kit which includes a freestanding hub, this can cost up to three hundred dollars). SmartThings is very simple to use: simply download it, connect it to your existing devices, and it can control anything from the automated devices of your home.

This app is designed to be an open one, which means that you can update to it after you have bought all the home automation that you need, or you can buy it before you buy home automation, and still buy what suits your fancy. It is compatible with all forms of home automation, giving homeowners a lot of freedom in the types of automation they can use.

Savant TrueControl

Savant has built its platform using iOS for everything, leading to an easy familiarity for people who are already used to Apple’s operating systems for their various devices – it is user-friendly and quick to ease people into using it.

The app itself is closed – it can only work with Savant home automation, and it works through a two way control which connects any Apple device with any Savant device which you might happen to have connected to it. This app can be used within the home and remotely, and operation is quick and easy. The app can operate equally well whether it is using Wi-Fi or a cell phone network.


Nest is best known for its smart thermostats right now, but it also has a handful of other automated devices that can be controlled via the Nest platform. The Nest app is available for free for both iOS and for Android, and it allows users to control any and all Nest automation that they have within their home. The app can be used within the house, or from a remote location, and functions well through using a Wi-Fi connection to talk to your automated devices.

Wi-Fi Actuator Control App

Progressive Automations has brought out a new version of their Wi-Fi Actuator app from before, one which has more functionality. The app is created for Android, and while it is not a true smart home automation app like others, it can allow homeowners to control their homes from a remote location as easily as they can from within the home itself. The new app allows its users to pre-programme it with sequences for the various actuators.