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Best Mind Games for Android | Ios

Jul 1, 2015

Hi friends we are back again with “Best Mind Games for Android | Ios” list. It is necessary if not required that you do think of some mind games which can come in your mind when you are thinking about playing with your android device. It is very important that you need such mind games which will be necessary and important for playing on the android device. Thus, these games are very required and very important. Read up for knowing which the important games are and don’t forget to try them.

Best Mind Games for Android, Ios

Best Mind Games for Android | Ios



Lumosity is one of the best apps and also a heavy hitter in the department of the brain fitness department.  It also has a cool set of an impressive amount of tools that would make one match their claims about perfectly sharpening one’s gray matter. The data required for the game is not cheap.  The individual plan will only give you $79.95 per year while some other packages which may be available will give you another lifetime subscription for the amount of $300.

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Elevate is yet another alleviated brain game. It also takes one good, targeted approach at usage of specific skills. These skills may include skills of reading, writing and also the math which includes cognitive abilities. The cost of the app is around $45 per year, and the game also allows you to get 10 more of these additional games.  It also helps one to get an affirmation of blowing your ego off which will depend upon one’s performance.

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Neuronation is yet another good brain app. This brain app also takes an important approach which is scientific. It helps to target people’s particular available brain skills like even memory, reasoning, and also recall. Like some of the other options that are available on the android device, NeuroNation is one good brain app that lets you perfectly choose what you exactly want to focus on. It also gives you specific details.  After the initial evaluation has been laid out, there will be a set of courses available. This game also allows you pay to unlock many specific courses.

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Duolingo is also another app that gives you the perfect ability to learn various languages that include Spanish, French and also German, Italian and even other languages for free. Without any in-app upgrades available in the game or memberships available, this app is a big brain twister.  There will be good and daily practice given to you through a range of activities that includes a translation, match words and something that is a microphone. If you have the capacity to go beyond the beginner level it will be possible for one to take a placement test that  will help one to assess how much of the language will one know.  There will be typing involves in the foreign language also. They will also have a switch in that foreign language along with a simple keyboard which one would be using in order to completely avoid higher levels of hyper frustration.

[divider sty[divider style=”solid” top=”20" bottom=”20"]ope guys you all enjoyed all the above “Best Mind Games for Android | Ios“, if you have any query or unfortunatelly we have missed your best mind games for smartphone or tablet then do let us know via comments below. Thus, it is of ultimate importance that there exist mind games that would be necessary for android games.

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