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Best Music Player Apps for Android – 2018 Update

Mar 29, 2017

If you’re a huge music junkie and enjoy listening to your music on your phone, you’ll know how much of a bummer the default Android music player can be. It lacks a ton of features and the music can become extremely unorganized. I definitely recommend to anyone to download a third party music app to enhance their experience. Having a new music player can definitely make your music sound better because it can balance the highs and the lows, organize your music better, and bring a ton of new features that the default player does not have.

When I was doing my research for the best music player apps, there were a few things I had to consider. The first thing was just whether or not the music sounded better on this app than it did on the default Android music player. After that, I was after features. I wanted to have a ton of new features that the default Android music player doesn’t have, and that was relatively important. Lastly, I wanted a music player that would organize my music in a little bit better than the default Android player does. You’d be really surprised by the features that some of these players have, and I definitely recommend making the switch if you listen to a ton of music.

So without any more explanation, here are what I consider to be the five best Android music player apps.

Top 5 Android Music Apps in 2018 – Our Picks

  1. Google Play Music

Google Play music takes the number five spot on our list because of how much it enhances your experience when listening to music. Not only is this a regular music player, it will also allow you to stream all of your favorite music free. It is a completely free service, but does feature advertisements. You can remove these ads by subscribing to their premium service which is $9.99 which is comparable to other music streaming services. With Google Play Music, you get access to millions of songs at the tips of your fingers at an instant. Not only that, but it allows you to store up to 50,000 of your own personal music right there on that player.

I definitely recommend Google Play Music because of how many amazing features it has. The first selling point for me was that it allowed me to search for any songs that I was in the mood for, and download them straight to my phone. You can also search among their radios and default playlists to check out new music. Google Play Music has a bunch of built in widgets that the user can choose to use that make it extremely convenient to use and change music on the fly. I definitely recommend checking this out if you want the best of a music streaming service and a music player.

  1. BlackPlayer Music Player

With over 5 million unique downloads and 125,000 reviews, BlackPlayer Music Player has some of the best features around. This is straight up just an alternative to the default music player and does everything that does except better. The first selling point for me was that this music player supports flac files. This was huge from me because I like to keep a large flac selection of music, which the default player cannot play. Next, there is a great built in equalizer that allows you to mess around with the sounds to give you the best possible listening experience.

BlackPlayer Music Player also downloads and automatically fills out all of the information for your music. It will download all of the cover art for the albums that you have, and sort them by the album that the songs are in. This is a huge plus for people who are a little less organized, but still have a substantial music collection. This has built in widgets that the player can use that allow you to play music from your home screen or even your lock screen. One of my last personal favorite features is that you can set a timer for the music to stop playing. If you prefer to sleep with music, you can set a timer so that the music will stop playing after a certain period of time.

  1. Pi Music Player

Pi Music Player is one of my personal favorite players because of how amazing it is. It has a ton of features that allow you to get the most of your music. There are five built in equalizers that allow you to change the mixing of the music depending on the genre. On top of that, the interface is very much for the minimalist. The interface is very crisp and clean and it is not bogged down with any useless features. If you want the minimalist style of music player that does what it needs to without all the bells and whistles, then this is definitely the player for you. Another cool feature is that it allows you to clip any of your music and export that smaller sound file for whatever use you may desire, whether it be for a ring tone, or just something funny to send to a friend.

I definitely recommend Pi Music Player because of how great the interface and design of the app is. It has three built in themes that you can choose from, each of which changes the overall look of the player. There are also built in widgets so that you can change the music from whatever page you are on. One under played feature is the ability to edit the data of your tracks. You have full ability to change the titles, artists, and albums, whatever with this music player. The default Android player does not have this and it is definitely a down side.

  1. Media Monkey

Media Monkey is a relatively newer media player on the market. Media Monkey has a ton of features that the others on this list do not. For instance, you can wirelessly sync all of your media from your computer by downloading the desktop app and transferring music. It will also go online and fill out all of the data for your tracks. On top of that, this supports almost every type of audio file such as audiobooks, podcasts, videos, and music videos. You can listen to any and all of your media with this do it all media player.

I definitely think Media Monkey is one of the best upcoming music apps for all of its features. I really enjoyed being able to listen to any and all of my media in one place. That was a huge convenience factor for me when ranking it this high on the list. The look of the app itself isn’t the best right now, but like I said, it’s a relatively new app that is being updated regularly by the developers. I also really liked the fact that you could bookmark certain items to have in a nice convenient place. I definitely recommend this if you have a lot of media that isn’t just music. If you strictly are playing music then I probably wouldn’t recommend this music player for you, but other than that, I definitely recommend it.

  1. Stellio Music Player

Definitely my favorite music player, Stellio had a ton of features that really drew me in. The first of which was that the theme and color scheme of the player depended on the cover art. If there was no cover art, it came up with a color on its own. It also had a very nice lock screen feature that was really appealing for me. This player also supported almost every style of audio file including podcasts and audio books.

Some other key selling features of this player were all the ways to manipulate the sound. There were a ton of equalizers on this app that made the songs sound better and smoother. I also really enjoyed that it had Android Wear support, which would allow you to switch the music from your Android watch if you had one. I definitely think this is the best all around player that does everything you could possibly want it to and more. Whether you want to listen to any kind of audio file, or just want a replacement for the default app, Stellios is definitely the app for you!