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Best New Android Games of the 2nd Week – April 2016

Apr 11, 2016

Best New Android Games of the 2nd Week – April 2016: Thanks for landing this article, here we are back with our new list of best android games of the week of April 2016. If you are using an android smartphone or tablet then we highly recommend you to must go through the below new android games of the week, you surely going to love them all. Note, you will find the information on Go Android Apps, enjoy. Also read, Top 10 Android Games of the Month – April 2016.

Top 10 Best Android Games of the 2nd Week of April 2016

Nitro Nation Racing1. Nitro Nation Racing

Nitro Nation Racing is the game for those people who live life at 1/4 mile at time and this is one of the most addictive Android drag racing game! In this game you will get various you’re a real licensed cars mod and dozens of tunes. So, get ready to win a tournament and start your team and invite your friends.

Today, Nitro Nation is one of the top rated multiplayer racing game experienced by over 20 million players.

Key Features of this game:

  • Lots of cars
  • Epic upgrades
  • Fair play
  • Real racers and teams
  • Car seeks welcome
  • Personal touch
  • Awesome community

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EvilBane2. EvilBane : Rise of Ravens

Get ready to destroy your enemies with the Heavenstone power.

A new era of slash RPG and hack will now begin with this EvilBane. You will be playing in a massive fantasy world with thousands of loots that to be unearthed with bone shattering actions that are rendered in console 3D graphics

Key Features:

  • Raid
  • Arena
  • Gear
  • Dungeon
  • Guild

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Restaurant Story3. Reastaurant Story: Earth Day

Get ready to celebrate Earth Day with the #1 virtual restaurant game. Decorate your own Restaurant and share with your friends. Become a good cook and start to deliver delicious high quality food in fast paced to your customers.

  • Decorate
  • Design
  • Customize
  • Socialize
  • Invite your friendsRestaurant Story Earth Day

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Dragon Mania Legends4. Dragon Mania Legends

Ready to breathe life in to your dragons and get prepared them for legendary battles. By rebuilding Drago land reclaim your beloved homeland and to fight against the Vikings raise them into powerful warriors.

You will get around 200 species of highly detailed and unique dragons to discover as you will become the ultimate Dragon Lord in the beautiful, most interactive and beautiful breeding dragon.

So be prepared to

  • To fight tooth and claw
  • The birth of legendary warrior
  • Explore for glory
  • Friends and rivals.

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Timing Hero5. Timing Hero: Colosseum and Raid

The Kingdom needs you again so get ready.

  • Colosseum
  • 16 new boss with legendary powers
  • Two new epic games – Raid and Colosseum
  • With your hero skills battle against other heroes
  • With different skills switch between three party members
  • Against powerful enemies build your own strategy
  • No auto combat
  • Counter attack and evade
  • Enjoy 4ch 8bit sound and full 4 colors graphicsTiming Hero Colosseum & Raid

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Juice Jam6. Juice Jam

A new juicy matching puzzle game with lot of fruity challenges.

  • Juicy levels around a ton
  • New ways and brand new power ups to play
  • Get ready to treak through whimsical worlds
  • Fulfill orders
  • Defeat bosses

So get ready to join kiwi as she will help you

  • to create juices
  • splatters cat bosses
  • satisfies sweet customers

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Disney Crossy Road7. Disney Crossy Road

The makers of the original Crossy Road from Hipster Whale made an all-new take on the 8 bit endless to cross the road adventurously without splatting.

With 100+ Disney and Pixar figurines tap and swipe to record a number of settings steps.

  • Journey
  • Collect
  • Master

I just can’t wait to be a king.Disney Crossy Road Game

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Nibblers8. Nibblers

With CUTE characters here comes a delicious new matching game from the creators of Angry Birds. Get ready to meet your fishy friends – they only want to eat fresh yummy fruit. You will get the special powers of Nibblers for keeping a continuous supply of fruit and in the soggy saga elude those pesky lizards.

So get ready to-

  • Meet the nibblers
  • In the jungle it will be just out of wave.
  • Fun and casual
  • Play with friends.

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Idle Warriors9. Idle Warriors

In this game you are going to reconstruct the world, the mortals will depend on you. The worst slash warrior’s kidnappers will come out and don’t give any rights to miserable monsters.

So get ready to kidnap ignorant and pathetic monsters, with silver spoon in your mouth you will be reborn.

Major functions:

  • With wives and children kidnap the poor monsters
  • Already devastated monsters should be more devastated
  • From monsters extort rebirth
  • Grow into a loaded warrior after exploiting monsters
  • With a soil ax suppress rebellious monsters and develop weapons.

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Pull My Tongue10. Pull My Tongue

Let’s Meet Greg. A hungry little chameleon who loves popcorn. Help feeding Greg by pulling his tongue through the series of fun puzzles that includes – spikes, balloons, zappers, chewing gum and more.

Main key features:

  • Cuddly and cute character
  • Five worlds with 90 levels
  • Deliciously a unique tongue physics
  • Never seen before puzzles and gameplay

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Hope you all enjoyed our list of best android games of the week, if you really enjoyed our collection then don’t forget to follow us on social media sites to stay in touch and thanks for visiting again, cheers.