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Best Offline GPS Apps for Android

Jun 17, 2015

Are you searching for best offline gps android apps, if yes then we must say you are on the right place. You know that GPS today rocks the world. There is nothing much better and crazier than the speed of gps. Imagine having to play offline gps with it? Don’t you want a map app which you can continuously make use of? It is going to be the coolest thing ever. Here is a list of some of the coolest offline GPS apps for android:-

Best Offline GPS Apps for Android
Best Offline GPS Apps for Android

Best Offline GPS for Android

1. OsmAnd Maps & Navigation

OsmAnd Maps & Navigation

This app is worth of use. It is a completely GPS application run based app that offers turn-by-turn directions and also some offline point-of-interest database to the users. It even has other added features that one might be actually accustomed to get and avail of from other GPS devices which includes the spoken directions.

This typically uses OpenStreetMap data. One needs to download it from map files. The free version helps you to take it for free. It is liked and helped by people the most. It also allows you to navigate to locations in a seamless manner.  It will even assist you with the also speak turn-by-turn directions which you will be able to follow them as you are driving.  It would surely be a dedicated GPS unit. One must know that this app -OsmAnd isn’t just  reserved for driving, but  it also goes ahead to offer walking, biking, and also some other  public transit directions.


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2. Navfree


This app-Navfree is also another kind of free offline GPS app that has been dependent on a kind if OpenStreetMap data. Like an app called OsmAnd, it also offers turn-by-turn directions and even offline point-of-interest search. More than that customers can avail of spoken directions.

The main screen of this app shares resemblance to a dedicated GPS unit. Some of the features that are included in this are Google Search feature which however requires a data connection but the good thing is that the basic map-viewing, navigation and also point-of-interest features can be free and run without net.


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3. Google Maps

Google Maps

If you thought what is this app doing here, then no it is not something out of context. Google maps have upgraded it to finding an answer for no data usage. Google Maps  also is provided with built-in support for offline maps. This feature also lets you download a map area to your particular and required Android, so you are able to view it without a proper data connection. This was also previously a labs feature containing a variety of bugs, but it’s now actually in a very solid and stable state.

However, people must keep in mind the significant limitation that exists. There are only map tiles which are required to be downloaded. You can’t possibly search for the required points of interest or also get navigation directions offline.


[divider[divider style=”solid” top=”20" bottom=”20"]Just keep in mind these applications are great and they are going to be a great offline help as well. Also, both OsmAnd and also Navfree are solid and even well-put-together and also have full-featured apps. They even use the same map data, so it depends on you which app you prefer and which will depend on which interface you like the best. We hope you find all the above information very useful on “best offline gps android apps”, thanks for visiting.

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