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Best OnePlus 3 Tips for Newest OxygenOS Update

Jan 17, 2017

The newest OxygenOS version for the OnePlus 3 was just released within the past couple weeks. The updated OxygenOS version means that users of the OnePlus 3 smartphone are now updated to Android Nougat. There are many changes that can be found within the newest OnePlus 3 update, so we thought it would be a good idea to give you a rundown of the best tips and tricks out there.

OnePlus 3 Updates to Android Nougat: Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Since OnePlus 3 just updated to Android Nougat with the latest OxygenOS release, we know it can be confusing getting used to a new operating system. There are many design changes with Android Nougat, as well as many changes to how the operating system works overall. Android Nougat, which is Android 7.0 and Android 7.1, is still being released to Android devices all over the world. For Android smartphone users, this newest update will make you very happy, but at the same time there are some tips and tricks that can help you along the way. We thought we would give you a rundown of some of the best tips if you are a OnePlus 3 user who just got the Android Nougat update on your smartphone.

Last Used App– On OnePlus 3, you can just tap on the “Recent” button twice, and it will get you back to the last app you have used.

Volume and Hardware Keys– One thing you might not know is that you cannot change the volume to vibrate or zero just using the hardware keys anymore. You will be able to get to the silent mode, but you have to click on “Settings” if you want the vibrate mode. Once you are in vibrate mode, you will be alerted when you get a call or text or another type of notification.

Power Saving Mode– If you are a OnePlus 3 user and want to use Power Saving Mode, you need to know that rotation and GPS will then be disabled automatically. You cannot change this as this is part of the Android Nougat update. You will need to go in and manually turn on GPS if you are running in Power Saving Mode.

Notification LED- If you are charging via the dash, you will find that the notification LED will turn blue. This cannot be changed on OnePlus 3, and it will stay blue regardless of if you choose another color or not through the LED notification settings.

Homescreen Grid- You can change the homescreen grid size by going into the DPI settings. If you make the display icons smaller, you will be able to get more grid slots on the OnePlus 3.

Mobile Data– If you are on OnePlus 3 and have updated to Android Nougat in the newest OxygenOS update, you need to know about the mobile data display. There will be an “X” right by the signal strength icon, and this “X” is letting you know that the mobile data has been disabled.

Clock Widget- Yes, you probably have already noticed that on the OnePlus 3 with the Android Nougat update, the clock widget is taking up more room. This is because the clock widget can now display other time zones. You can go into the settings if you want to see more time zones on your Clock Widget, which will appear right under your main clock.

Do Not Disturb- Did you know that you can turn on Do Not Disturb on the OnePlus 3 now? You can do this by clicking on the Widgets, and then add a widget for the Settings. From there, you can click “Do Not Disturb” but you need the settings shortcut widget to get this feature. Right now, this feature does not really work if you want to use this to get to the hidden menu, but it should be coming soon.

Splitscreen Mode- On the OnePlus 3, you might have heard about how you can get into splitscreen mode with the newest OxygenOS update. You can do this by holding the “Recent” button while you have an app running already on the screen. Then, you want to press “Home” when you are running the splitscreen and this will launch another app. If you want to get out of splitscreen, simply longpress “Recent” once you see the two apps on the screen.

Change Screen Temperature- You can change the screen temperature by going into the Display Settings and then clicking Screen Calibration. You also can change sRGB mode from here as well.

Encrypting Apps– You can encrypt apps on the OnePlus 3 with the newest Android Nougat update. To do this all you need to do is click on Security Settings and then click Applocker.

OnePlus 3 Screenshots– You can hold the power and volume buttons together at the same time on the OnePlus 3 to grab a screenshot.

Details About Apps- If you are running an app and want to see the details about it, click on the Recents button. You then need to hold down the icon of that app, and there will be an icon that pops up within the title bar. Click on this to get to the app data and from there you can check out all of the details about the app. You can force the stoppage of an app from this area too.

OnePlus 3 Stock Apps– Sometimes you might delete a stock app from your OnePlus 3 device. You can get these stock apps back, but you need to perform the factory reset in order to get them back. Make sure you backup your data before you perform the factory reset.

Changing Battery Icon- Did you know you can change the battery icon on the OnePlus 3 with the newest Android Nougat update? You can do this by going into Settings and then clicking on the Status bar. There is an option down on the list that allows you to customize the battery icon.