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Best upcoming Android apps that will be released in 2016 [Gameplay Video]

Sep 22, 2016

We bring to you the best upcoming Android apps that will most likely be released in 2016. These games are so amazing that we could resist playing them and you too will have fun playing them. The video embedded here contains gameplay of four unreleased games including Midnight Star: Renegade, Titan Brawl, Dirt Xtreme and Nemesis: Air Combat. KNAP! has been released but we included it here just because of the novelty of the game and how interesting the overall game is.

Midnight Star: Renegade
Midnight Star: Renegade is an FPS game that is all about shooting aliens. The game is about crafting your own weapons all the while ascending the ranks of the GMSC’s elite Renegade forces. You will be presented with fast, action-packed levels and in the process unravel the mysteries left behind by a space faring civilization that went missing 22,000 years ago.


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Titan Brawl
The game offers you intense 4 minute brawls, awesome collectable heroes, single player and PvP battles! Titan Brawl blends action and strategy to test your combat skills to the limit! The game is all about assembling a team of intergalactic brawlers from ex-military mercs to ancient gods, and level-up to build the ultimate combat crew. Ensure that you have a strategy in place and using the skills against the clock crush your opponents and climb the league. Activate unique power-ups and special abilities to take out your enemies’ towers and destroy their Totem!


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Dirt Xtreme
If you are a racing fan and an avid bike racing follower, Dirt Xtreme is something that will blow your mind. You will be able to race against real players from all over the world and not just the inbuilt AI characters. Win races and then cool prizes and special items in the MULTIPLAYER storyline, as you advance your career as the crowd’s favorite. Make your way up in the leaderboard and show the world who’s the true boss of Dirt Xtreme!


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4 Nemesis: Air Combat
The last of the unreleased games in this write-up is the 4 Nemesis: Air Combat. Flying fighter jets on one-on-one dogfights will definitely leave you amazed. The graphics are amazing and the effects such as launch of missiles, explosion of the jets, bullets are just about perfect. The year is 2050 and you have been betrayed. Nemesis is an adrenaline-pumping action game in which you are transformed into a mercenary jet-fighter. Unlike all the other fighter aircraft games on the market, the gameplay in Nemesis is based on casual-style controls which play to the strengths of the platform, providing a satisfying experience to the player regardless of their skill or experience.


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Finally, we would to make a special mention KNAP! and a huge shout out to 7Bones.studio for making this amazing physics puzzle game that is fun right from the first level to its 150th level. While the game may look childish, but we would like to assure you that it is anything but childish and will give adults a run for their money. The game is simple – connect figures with their base of the same forms i.e. triangle to a triangle, circle to circle and square to square. But its not simply done as said and when you get down to it, you will realise that the game is anything but easy. Some of the game mechanics include shooting from a cannon, breaking walls, fire control, play with physics, catching monsters, controlling the flow of liquids, and turning the gravity to achieve your objective – solve the puzzle.


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We would like to make a note that this particular write up hasn’t been sponsored by 7Bones.studio or any other developers and it is completely unbiased presentation of the games based on our experience.