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Best Voice Changer Apps for Android 2016

Dec 10, 2015

Best Voice Changer Apps for Android 2016: Are you searching for the crazy voice changer apps for android phone, if yes then we must say you are on the correct place. Here we have some of the best voice changer apps for android 2016, you love them all. Also note, all the below android voice changer apps were free so must try them all. Here are the Best Voice Changer Apps for Android 2016. Download them and have unlimited fun with your friends and love ones.

Top 5 Best Voice Changer Apps for Android 2016

Voice changer with effects1. Voice changer with effects

Want some fun? Download this app and change you voice. Listen to the funny modified voice of yours. Record your words in different voices. You can apply effects too. Share them with friends and have fun. Numerous crazy effects to boost up your entertainment. You can share these voices via whatsapp or e mail or dropbox. Play pianos too. You can now create images with the sounds. Isn’t it cool? Import sounds that you have recorded earlier. Type texts and create voices with them. And make them your ringtone or notification tone. Do much more. Get started.

Voice changer with effects app

google play

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Voice Changer2. Voice Changer

Want to play pranks? Get your voice modified and record sounds in different voices. Get started now. Apply effects and choose from the amazing large collection of effects that is at your disposal. Apply crazy effects like monster and chipmunk and scare your friends. Share the voice recording via whatsapp, facebook, email and many more. The graphics are stunning and this is a very user friendly app which will entertain you and leave you amused to the core. Have a little kid at your place? Have fun with him with voices.

Voice Changer App

google play

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Girls Voice Changer3. Girls Voice Changer

Have fun with your gang with this amazing voice changer. Record sounds in various sounds and tones of girls. Play innumerable pranks. In a party or at home, this app will always entertain you and your friends. You can access your recorded sounds as and when you want. And this voice changing app is absolutely free of cost. Now get to record sounds of all ages. Here sounds of an old lady or a small baby. High pitch shrieking sound to low pitched soft one, have it all. A grown up lady to an immature one. This app gives you the ultimate collection. Download this app and see for yourself all the fascinating stuffs.

Girls Voice Changer App

google play

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Change Voice4. Change Voice : While Calling!

Have unlimited fun. Change your voice to practically any kind of different tone. Change it which talking over the phone and surprise your friends confuse them and play pranks. Is it not amazing? Download the app and select the desired sounds and choose the desired effects. You can first try and try it yourself on the app before imposing t on others. The app icon is displayed and occurs while you are on a call. Just one tap to a lot of entertainment. Choose between voices of a man, woman, kid or an old person. Get the unique robotic voice from this app. Time to have lot of fun. Download the app now.

Change Voice - While Calling!

google play

[divid[divider style=”single” border=”small” color=”#000000"]h3>Translator Women's Voice5. Translator Women’s Voice

This voice changer app is a must have. Type texts and turn them into audio sounds of different tones. Save them and share via social medias like whatsapp, facebook. Now send audios on whatsapp with different tones and amuse your friends. Have a lot of fun. Millions of people are already having fun with this stunning app. When are you joining the gang? Download this and play pranks, laugh harder.

Translator Women's Voice App

google play

[divider[divider style=”single” border=”small” color=”#000000"]Thanks for visiting, we hope you find all the above information very useful about the “Top 5 Best Voice Changer Apps for Android 2016“, if we have missed your best android voice changer app then do let us know via comments below. Also, give your valuable time to appreciate us in comments below.

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