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BFF Bitmoji Stickers Now Available on iOS Outside of Snapchat

Jun 14, 2018

Good news if you have been waiting for the day where BFF Bitmoji stickers can be used elsewhere on iOS. Previously, you could only use the BFF Bitmoji stickers inside of Snapchat, since this was a Snapchat feature. The company just announced that you will be able to use these stickers outside of Snapchat now.

This means you can use the BFF Bitmoji stickers within iMessages and other popular apps now. We have all of the latest news about the new Snapchat Bitmoji update, which allows for you to use your BFF Bitmoji stickers outside of the popular social app. Keep reading to learn more about this change that is just now rolling out to those on iOS.

BFF Bitmoji Stickers Can Be Used Outside Snapchat on iOS

The new Snapchat Bitmoji update for iOS is bringing the ability to use your BFF Bitmoji stickers outside of the Snapchat app. This means that the Friendmoji feature can be used within other apps such as iMessage, and that is great news. What is really interesting is that this is the first time that you will be able to go outside of Snapchat and really get to use the BFF Bitmoji stickers. If you had Snapchat on your iOS device already, then you know you were limited to using these stickers within the Snapchat app itself. It definitely made things difficult since there are plenty of other apps where these stickers could have been useful.

If you have not heard of the BFF Bitmoji stickers before, they are stickers of you and a friend. These BFF Bitmoji stickers are customized and are useful in a ton of social apps. There is only one thing you need to do in order to use the new BFF Bitmoji stickers outside of the Snapchat app. That would be to link your Snapchat account with your Bitmoji keyboard. The update is rolling out right now to the Snapchat Bitmoji app, which is free to download on iOS if you do not have it already.

How to Tell if You Have the New BFF Bitmoji Stickers Outside of Snapchat

If you are wondering how to tell whether or not you have this new update, it is very easy to figure out. Simply just go into the Bitmoji keyboard and look in the top right-hand corner of the screen. If you have the update, you will see the two smiley faces at the top. Once the update has hit your device, you can either search for your contacts or choose from the most recent friends. If you commonly use iMessages for your communication needs on iOS, you will love how quickly and easily you can use the stickers.

It takes no time at all to either search for the contacts or simply choose from your most recent friends. You will find that the person you most recently have talked to will be at the top of the results, but it is easy to scroll through to find other friends. Once you have downloaded the new Bitmoji keyboard app update for iOS, this feature should be immediately available. The update is still rolling out to those with the app already installed, but it should make it to everyone by the end of the week.

BFF Bitmoji Sticker Release Comes After iOS 12 Announcement

The most interesting part about the news regarding the BFF Bitmoji stickers is that similar news about iOS 12 just was released. Apple just announced that with iOS 12, there are going to be Memojis. If you did not hear about the Memoji already, they are a cross between the Bitmoji and the Animoji. Apple brought us the Animoji while Snapchat obviously brought us the Bitmoji. The new Memoji will be available as part of iOS 12, and can be seen in some of the early previews of the newest operating system.

If you want to check out the new BFF Bitmoji stickers, you can download the Snapchat Bitmoji keyboard right now through Apple’s App Store for free. Once you have downloaded it and tried it out, we want to hear all about it. Leave us a comment in the section below to tell us what you think of the BFF Bitmoji stickers.

Are these stickers something you will use outside of Snapchat often? Have you been waiting for the day where you can use BFF Bitmoji stickers outside of the Snapchat app? What other notable features from Snapchat do you think should be made available outside of the Snapchat app? Let us know what you think about all of this news, including the iOS 12 Memoji, in the comments below.