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Biggest Android Device Updates of the Week

Dec 18, 2016

When it comes to Android devices and updates, there are always a ton of updates going on due to all of the different Android devices out there. Part of the reason why so many updates are hitting Android is because of the recent release of Android Nougat, which is Android 7.0. There is a beta software program available for some companies, which helps them get the updates sooner than later.

When it comes to updates, you want to update as soon as you can because there are often security fixes in the updates, which help keep your Android device safe and secure. We thought we would tell you some of the newest devices getting Android updates, including getting the new Android Nougat.

Roundup of Android Updates & Android Nougat News

OnePlus 3T– The OnPlus 3T got an update this week, but the update is not Nougat. The OnePlus 3T got an update for OxygenOS and it now moves to OxygenOS 3.5.4. There is a reduction in lag in this update for people who are below 5 percent battery life. Various improvements and fixes are included in this new update as well. There are also new T-Mobile optimizations in this update, which is going to come in handy.

OnePlus 3– When it comes to the OnePlus 3, there is an update for Android Nougat, and the beta version is now rolling out. The new version of OnePlus 3 out which includes Open Beta 9, and this also adds some improvements for stability and performance. You will notice that you can expand on screenshots in this update too. If you want to get the new Nougat beta and all of the typical improvements, you can download Open Beta 9 now for OnePlus 3.

Google- We thought we would tell you a little bit of news about Google and Android Nougat while we are at it. The December report has been released and it shows that Android Nougat went up .1 to .4 percent. This means that .4 percent of all Android devices that are active are running Android Nougat. Android Marshmallow, which is Android 6.0, ended up going up a little as well. Android Marshmallow ended up going up 2.3 percent from 24 percent to 26.3 percent. Android Lollipop, which is Android 5.0, ended up going down .1 percent. This is actually really good news because it means more people are moving to the newer Android operating system releases.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7- When it comes to Samsung, the company really needs to get the Galaxy Note 7 out of the hands of people. There are still Galaxy Note 7 phones out there, and Samsung is not happy about this because obviously the fire hazard risk associated with the Note 7. Samsung is actually thinking about putting an update out that would brick the remaining Galaxy Note 7 phones, which sounds harsh but given the risk associated with the device it really is for the better.

These are just a couple of the biggest Android updates of the week, with the OnePlus having a really good week in terms of getting updates and new features on the devices. Google also had a good week with the news that more people are moving to both Android Marshmallow and Android Nougat. When it comes to Samsung Galaxy Note 7, that whole situation is just an entire disaster that Samsung has been trying to get rid of for a long time.

If you still have a Galaxy Note 7, you should really think about trading that in for something else, because it is not worth the risk of having the phone catch on fire or just completely blow up on you. If Samsung has the last word, you will not be able to use the phone for much longer anyway.