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Biggest Changes & Features Coming to Android P

May 12, 2018

The Google I/O was this week and we learned a lot of new features that will be coming to Android P. As far as Android P goes, it will be one of the most important and biggest upgrades to the Android operating system in quite a while. Google is changing a ton of things on Android P, including how we interact with our phones and other people.

When Google held the I/O this week, the company announced a lot of new and important features and changes that will be here in Android P. While Android P itself will not be officially released until the fall, there are beta versions out now if you are interested. Before you determine whether or not you want to download the Android P beta, we wanted to give you a list of some of the most important changes with Android P.

Biggest Changes Coming to Android P

Less Notifications- When it comes to Android P, one of the biggest changes coming is that there will be less notifications popping up. We know that notifications are important, but sometimes you get notifications for trivial things. In Android P, you can mute the notifications from an app and that will be suggested to you if you swipe notifications to get rid of them. Do Not Disturb is also going to be better and bigger in Android P.

If you use the Do Not Disturb mode in Android P, you will then be given an option to make the notifications disappear from the screen completely. You will not see any notifications on the lock screen or within the notification drawer. That is a good thing for a lot of people who wish to stop being annoyed with these notifications.

You also can turn the Do Not Disturb on just by putting your smartphone face down. There is also now the option to mute all notifications at one time. That is great if you have work apps and personal apps setup separately. If you want to just get away for the weekend this will come in handy too. Just mute them all so that you do not have to worry about notifications from anywhere.

New App Time Limitations– Another huge change with Android P is that there are now time limits for apps. You will be able to set time limits on the amount of time you spend in the apps on your device. The time limits range from just a few minutes to hours. Once the time is up, the app icon will end up graying out on you. This will prevent you from using the app anymore once you have hit the time limit you have set.

You cannot just open the app by ignoring the time limit either. If you really need in the app, you can. You will need to go back into the Settings. From there, just remove the time limit from that app. You will get a pop up that tells you that you have used up the time limit. That will happen if you try to use the app beyond your set limits. There are still possible changes that could be made to the time limitations on the apps. You should remember this is still the beta version of Android P. There is also some new testing by Google going on too. The testing allows for your device to black out completely at bed time.

Even More Great Android P Changes & Features

App Search Result Experience- The app search result experience is about to get a whole lot better in Android P. With Android P, you now will be able to see what you can do inside of the various apps. This is way better than just looking up the installed apps on your device, and it can help you find what you are looking for. The app search results are getting a lot smarter thanks to the new intelligence from Google. You will also get suggested things you can do when you use the app drawer.

New Gesture Navigation- Lastly, there are a lot of important changes being made to navigation, including the addition of the gesture-based navigation. Instead of just having the three on-screen icons, you will have a lot more options. With Android P, the gesture-based navigation is going to begin, which is great news for people. You can swipe up if you want to multitask, and swipe right in order to multitask.

If an app uses a back button, you will see that as well, but only when the app uses it. The new gesture-based control scheme is great, although it will be a little more complex than the standard previous setup. Preset buttons are nice and all of that, but now you have more abilities to control what you want to do.

These are just some of the biggest and most important changes coming to Android P. The Google I/O sure put out a lot of details and new technologies that we want to tell you all about. We likely will continue to tell you more details about Google I/O in the coming days.

If you watched the Google I/O, we want to hear from you in the comments below. What did you like the most from the Google I/O? Are the changes and new features coming to Android P something you are excited about? Tell us how you feel below because we would love to hear from you.