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Binny Bansal’s Flipkart CEO Email Account Spoofed, Not Hacked

Mar 21, 2016

Binny Bansal’s Flipkart CEO Email Account Spoofed, Not Hacked: Another story is formed regarding the e commerce company Flipkart. The Chief Executive Officer of Facebook, Binny Bansal’s email account has been hacked and the hacker tried to steal eighty thousand dollars. There are news that the e mail account of the mentioned CEO have been spoofed. They say that with the help of this account he made efforts to steal the huge amount of money.Binny Bansal’s Flipkart CEO

Binny Bansal’s Flipkart CEO Email Account Spoofed, Not Hacked

The so called crime occurred two weeks earlier. The CEO had sent a mail from his account to the account of the CFO of Flipkart asking him to transfer as much as eighty thousand dollars instantly.

After receiving such a weird and unnatural mail, the CFO spoke to him and clarified the entire situation. His profile seemed to have been blocked. Flipkart, the company, looked into the matter and also lodged a file against the crime in the police station.

When the situation was checked and assessed, they guessed that the hacking has been done from either Hong Kong or Canada where as the server used most probably situated in Russia was. Initially it was claimed that the account was hacked but in the later phase they guessed that it may have been a matter of spoofing.

The company clarified that their security system is quite strong which suggests that it was not the case of a hack. This as and when the spoofing was identified, it was immediately reported to the police.

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Although hacking and spoofing appear similar in terms of meaning, but there are a lot of differences. Spoofing makes a mail look like an official one where hacking would mean to access someone’s account and using its details and data. Hacking is thought to be a very negative term and it is justified since such a lot of crimes are occurring since hacking is used for bad intentions and misusing of data. However, it is a positive term keeping aside all its negative impacts.

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