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Black Desert Online Sells Over 500,000 Copies on Steam

Sep 13, 2017

Black Desert Online on Steam has sold over 530,000 copies. Even better, there are 7.65 million users registered online for Black Desert Online. Those are pretty amazing numbers for a Steam game, and we have all of the latest information about the game Black Desert Online. Read on to learn about one of the most popular Steam games available right now and what Black Desert Online has to offer.

Black Desert Online Increasing in Popularity on Steam

If you have been venturing on Steam recently, you might have seen Black Desert Online. This game is becoming super popular on Steam, selling over 530,000 copies. The game has over 7 million users registered, which is pretty decent for an MMO. This game has been on Steam since May, and has been on one of the top spots for quite a few months now. Now, the game developer, Peal Abyss, is trying to get onto the Korean Stock Exchange.

The reason for this is because Black Desert Online is becoming very successful on Steam, with over 100 different countries now getting in on the fun. This game is available seven regions, with 7 million plus users registered on Steam. While there might be 7 million registered users for Black Desert Online, that does not mean all of these people are actively playing the game. On terms of finances, Black Desert Online has made over $301 million. This game only cost about $1 million to make, which means Black Desert Online is making a ton of profits.

Black Desert Online Becomes Huge Steam Hit

It is pretty amazing that Black Desert Online has even managed to sell 530,000 copies. It has not gotten the same popularity rankings as other games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, but it is still a pretty amazing feat for an MMO on Steam. There are not many MMOs that are Korean that make that much money in the West, especially in such a short amount of time.

That is why now, Pearl Abyss, is working on even more MMOs. There are about four games right now that Pearl Abyss is working on, and the company hopes these new MMO games will reach the same popularity and success as this particular game has seen on Steam.

Upcoming Games by Developer of Black Desert Online

The upcoming games are all network-based, using the same engine that was used in Black Desert Online. The graphics will also be very high-quality in these upcoming games. There will be two games that will be coming out in 2018, and another coming in 2019. The fourth game is set to come out much later, with an expected release date of sometime in 2021.

We do not know exactly whether these four upcoming games will be on Steam or on the PC at all. There has been a lot of talk by Pearl Abyss about mobile and console gaming. This means we might be seeing something different than Steam for these upcoming games.

Regardless of the upcoming games and what platforms they will be on, Black Desert Online has been one of the most successful MMO games out there on Steam. This game is only $9.99. It also does not have a subscription fee associated with it. This game is similar to Sandbox single-player MMO games, but it does have some interesting and unique aspects to it.

This game is definitely a lot more complex than other MMO games on Steam, so you might want to read about it and get an idea of the game before you begin playing. It is definitely not a game you can just jump into. Even with the complexity of this game, 7 million users should tell you just how fun and entertaining this game really is for the Steam community.