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Bloons TD 5 Cheats, Tips, & Strategy Guides for 2018

May 12, 2017

If you are into tower defense games, then you have surely heard about Bloons TD. It is one of those tower defense series that has made its name well-known on mobile platforms. It’s possible that you have no idea what Bloons TD 5 actually is. The goal of Bloons TD 5 is the same as any other tower defense game: stop the enemy from reaching the end of the road. However, the difference is, the enemy in Bloons TD 5 is in the form of balloons. You read it correctly. Your goal is to stop incoming balloons by building towers and shooting them down.

The great thing about Bloons TD 5 is that it is still regularly updated. While the updates are not large in size anymore, the developers do want to keep the gameplay fresh. The latest update has added a new track, as well as a new beginner map. Bloons TD 5 is known for its amazing tracks, so having more tracks just makes the gameplay better. Bloons TD 5 has been developed by Ninja Kiwi, and is not only available on Android and iOS, but also on Steam. If you check the ratings and reviews, you will see that the game is very well-liked.

You need to keep in mind that Bloons TD 5 is not a free to play game. It costs $2.99 on iOS, $2.99 on Android and $9.99 on Steam. Bloons TD 5 also contains in-app purchases, as well as some occasional ads. However, this is not the case for the Steam version of the game. If you enjoy playing tower defense games, you should definitely give Bloons TD 5 a worthy shot.

Bloons TD 5 Cheats, Tips, & Update Hacks

Bloons TD 5 is one of the most popular tower defense games out there. Since the game is available on Android, iOS and Steam, the game has a large audience. Because of the game’s popularity, and the in-game currencies and store, you will find lots of websites that try to sell you fake hacks. Usually, those hacks can supposedly help you to gain access to an unlimited amount of Monkey Money and Tokens. Just a heads up, those hacks do not work. All of the websites that claim that you can, are malicious. They are just trying to make money off of you. Best thing that you can do is use the following tips/tricks to improve your gameplay.

Bloons TD 5 Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Since Bloons TD 5 is not a free to play game, it is advised that you download another version of the series and try it out. Popping balloons as a tower defense game might not be your cup of tea. Once you feel like the game is what you are looking for, go ahead and buy it. The PC version on Steam does have slightly more features in it, so it is up to you to decide on which platform you would like to play the game.

Getting Started

To get started, simply tap on the large “Play” button at the bottom-center of the screen. You can either select New Game or Co-op, depending if you want to play alone or with a friend. There are several more game modes, such as Odyssey, Random Missions, Daily Challenges and Special Missions, but those are locked for you. To unlock them, you will have to play the game and unlock them by completing levels.

Select a Track

On the next screen, you are able to select the track that you want to play on. Bloons TD 5 has a lot of tracks to choose from, ranging from Beginner to Extreme difficulty. At the beginning of your gameplay, only the beginner tracks will be unlocked. To unlock the other tracks, you will first have to reach a certain rank. The rank requirements are stated over the tracks themselves. Once you have selected a track, choose the difficulty, or Game Mode, as it is called. Selecting a higher difficulty will also increase the amount of Monkey Money you earn.

Placing and Upgrading your Defenses

Once your game has started, you are able to place down your towers, turrets and other items that will help you defend yourself against the evil balloons. You only have a certain amount of starting cash that you can use. Once you are done placing your defenses, tap on the play button to allow the balloons to come in.

As your defenses pop the incoming balloons, you will earn more in-game cash. Use the cash to place more defenses between waves, or to upgrade the defenses that you have already placed. Sometimes, upgrading your defenses is better than placing new defenses, simply because they will be far more powerful.

Hints and End Game

At the bottom of your screen, you will see a hint at the end of each round. It is advised that you keep track of those hints, as they can be very useful for beginners. If you keep placing new towers, and keep upgrading them as you earn more cash, you should be able to defeat most beginner levels. Of course, the game will become more difficult later on. This means that you will have to come up with different kinds of strategies to beat those tracks

Monkey Money, Tokens and Premium Store

There are two currencies in Bloons TD 5. The basic currency is called Monkey Money. You can easily earn Monkey Money by simply playing the game. The second currency is in the form of Tokens. They are much harder to come by. In fact, they say you are better off just buying the Tokens with your Monkey Money, as they are very difficult to get. Tokens allow you to upgrade the Monkey Lab, in which you will find different kinds of towers and more.

The in-game store in Bloons TD 5 is called the Premium Store. Perhaps the reason it is called the Premium Store is because Bloons TD 5 already costs money to play. The items in the in-game store will give you an edge during your gameplay. There are four items that you can buy in the Bloons TD 5 in-game store. The first item is called “Double Cash Mode”, and costs 7500 Monkey Money. If you buy the Double Cash Mode item, you will receive double the amount of Monkey Money per balloon popped. Your starting cash will also be double the amount, which means that you are given an early edge, a very helpful advantage to have.

The second item is called “Healthy Bananas”. A single Healthy Banana costs 1000 Monkey Money. It will give you an extra life, per round. This is great for when you are facing very difficult levels, and you keep failing to complete the level. The third item is called the “Bigger Beacons”, and also costs 1000 Monkey Money. The Bigger Beacons will give each Monkey Village a significantly larger range of influence. Lastly, you can buy 5 Tokens for 750 Monkey Money.

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