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Blu Smartphone Sales Suspended on Amazon After Spyware Found

Aug 2, 2017

If you have not heard about Blu before, you might not know that Blu is one of the most inexpensive Android phone makers out there. This brand of cheap Android phones are often sold online at places like Amazon. The company has had some issues in the past with spyware being found on devices.

This new problem has led to the devices being pulled before from being sold in the marketplace. Well, now Blu is back in hot water over spyware problems, and this has led to Amazon pulling Blu off the market for good.

Amazon Pulls Blu Phones Due to Spyware

Amazon has said that Blu will no longer be sold on the website after more spyware was found in the cheap inexpensive Android phones. The issues surrounding the company include privacy issues and security issues according to Amazon.

Researchers over at Kryptowire talked about Blu during a Black Hat session, and the researchers were talking about all of the security concerns around Blu. The phone maker was collecting various personal information about people who purchased the phones without the consent of the user, which is a huge no-no.

Amazon said that all Blu phones will be gone from the site until all of the problems are resolved. It might not be completely forever if Blu can get everything fixed, but Amazon sounds like it is not at all impressed with the company having this problem once again.

It was not that long ago that the company had spyware issues and security issues that led to the phones being pulled off the shelf. That is what is making Amazon quite mad. In terms of Amazon, the unlocked phones are actually the hottest seller and it is known for being one of the least expensive phones out there.

Blu Smartphones Caught with Spyware Again

The phones are also sold at Walmart and Best Buy, and we are not sure where those companies stand on these phones. Blu released a statement saying that the claims are false and there is no secret spyware or malware on the devices.

The company marketing director, Carmen Gonzalez, said that all of these claims are false and inaccurate. There has been so much controversy over this though due to the fact that Adups spyware was found in Blu phones.

Adups is a firmware company based out of China and the company was collecting personal information on people who purchased the phones but lived within the United States. The user was not informed this personal information was being sent to this server in China, and many stores pulled the phones from the shelves until the issues were fixed.

Researchers are now saying that the company is still collecting this information, which obviously is pretty bad. At the Black Hat conference, the researchers even said that Adups had been collecting and sending personal information back to China as recently as May 2017.

In terms of Adups, the firmware company based out of China was collecting a ton of personal information about users. This included text messages in whole, call history, complete telephone numbers, device identifiers, and things like serial number and media access control addresses.

Blu came out to say that Adups does indeed still collect the user information, but then said that it is no different than other smartphone manufacturers out there. For now though, Amazon is not buying the official story and has stopped the phones from being sold on the online retailer site.