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    Boom Beach Cheats & Tips Guide

    Feb 9, 2017

    Are you interested in warfare? Did you ever wish you could take part in a D-Day style battle, without the risks of a real battlefield? If so, then we proudly present you Supercell’s latest free to play game: Boom Beach!

    Supercell is one of the top developers on the mobile market, proven themselves with such successful hits as Clash of Clans or Hay Day. Their games have a huge following both on Android and iOS, with millions of players partaking in them daily.

    Boom Beach has such an addicting gameplay and a well implemented system, that it’s rated 4.4/5 stars on the Google Play Store, while ranking 4.5/5 stars on the Apple App Store. Millions of total downloads and a lot of satisfied players clearly show that the game has something special going for it. “What is it?” you might ask.

    While taking some of the gameplay elements from Clash of Clans, Boom Beach sets itself apart by introducing new ones. This includes sending squads of troops into battle, instead of single soldiers. The game also has a huge map of islands ready for you to explore. You can build and upgrade boats and take off into the unknown ocean, finding more and more hidden islands to explore.
    Don’t worry, exploring is not everything you can do, afterall why would I be talking about warfare if all you would do is peaceful exploring? Far from it, in the story the player is fitted against a threatening enemy, the Blackguard.


    The Blackguard are your typical bad guys, looking to take over the islands and even the whole world if they succeed. They control a lot of the known islands and as you get further into the game and travel on with your troops you will find some of the Blackguard Generals, who are probably the toughest bosses in the game. Each of them have a plan for domination or exploiting the islands’ peaceful natives.

    The combat in the game works in a way that you set the starting point of your troops, where they will exit their ships on the beach and charge into battle. Once they are out, they will proceed towards the closest building and attack it until it’s destroyed, then move onto the next. You can’t control your troops individually, they will move and attack on their own. This is why it’s important to choose a good starting location, so you don’t send your troops into traps or into a heavy machine gun that might take them all down.

    Since you have no direct control over your squad of troops, you can use specific powerups during battles. Some of the most useful ones are the Bomb, which you can throw at any part of the current battlefield, damaging enemy structures. The Flare, which let’s you issue a command to your troops to move to the Flare’s current position, or if you shoot it on a building, issue a command to attack it. The Medikit, as it’s name implies, heals your squad in the middle of the battle.

    These powerups require points to use, which you start with once you enter a battlefield, but you also get more for every destroyed enemy structure. Keep in mind that using a powerup raises it’s cost for when you use it next time. So if you plan on constantly dropping Bombs on the enemy’s base, you might not have enough points to do it for long.

    You have multiple types of troops available to you, with more and more unlocked as you progress in the game. You start off with the Rifleman, which is an average troop and comes in high numbers. The next type of troop you get is the Heavy, who comes in solo, while wielding a huge machinegun and is much tougher than a Rifleman. You will later on get the Medic, Grenadier, Scorcher, Warrior, Zooka and even the Tank.

    Every time you defeat the Blackguard on one of the islands, you take it back from them, while freeing the natives, who the Blackguard use as slave labour. These natives are so grateful once you help them out, that they will provide you with gold daily, which is one of the most important resources of the game. Using gold you can explore the clouded areas on the world map, while it’s also used for building purposes.


    Other than gold, you have wood, stone, iron and diamonds as resources and currencies. Out of these the diamonds are the ones which you can buy with real money. You can buy diamonds in different amounts, which are as follows: ‘Pile of Diamonds (includes 500)’ for $4.99, ‘Pouch of Diamonds (includes 1200)’ for $9.99, ‘Bag of Diamonds (includes 2500)’ for $19.99, ‘Box of Diamonds (includes 6500)’ for $49.99 and the biggest pack ‘Crate of Diamonds (includes 14000)’ for $99.99.

    Other than battling foes and traveling the islands, you also have to manage your base and your buildings. You can construct and upgrade them, which takes time and resources like gold, wood and others. Diamonds can be used to speed up this process to an instant completion. The higher level you upgrade your buildings to, the longer it takes for them to finish and the more diamonds it takes to instantly complete them, so be careful with spending them or not!

    It’s also important to remember that the placement of your buildings are much more important in this game than others in the same genre. Since invaders might attack your base, you should think twice about where you place your more important buildings. You also have buildings and traps that you can place around your base, which are used to fend off these invaders. You might wonder who the invaders are and the answer is very simple: players like you!

    That’s right, once you travel far enough between the islands, you might stumble upon other players’ islands. They are considered soldiers hired by the Blackguard in the story, but they play the game just as you do, manage their base, browse the world map and even find out where you and others are located. Now, you can also invade these players, just as they can do the same. You can see their level on the screen and they will probably have defenses ready to destroy your troops. So before you head out to battle one of them, you can use the “Scout” option on the world map. With this you can check out their base and see the placement of their traps, buildings without penalties. You can do the same with the computer controlled Blackguard islands as well.

    Players can invade you even while you are offline, so make sure your defenses are ready before you log off! If you’ve been raided while being offline, you will get a message once you start the app up again, showing you a video replay of the attack and showing your casualties. This way you can be more ready next time and plan your defenses accordingly.


    If you feel unsafe and lost in the game, you can join one of the “Task Forces” of the game, which are player created clans. Once you join them, you will have the other members to help you out. You might even learn a trick or two from looking at their bases! Players are also ranked on the leaderboards by Victory Points, which you get for successful battles.

    The are also a lot of achievements available in the game, which all provide you with diamonds once you progress with them. These include upgrading your Headquarters, attacking other players or just destroying trees, among many others.

    Boom Beach Cheats & Tips Guide

    Probably the most important tip you should remember while playing the game is that you should be very careful with your building placement. You should put your most important buildings near the back of your base, so they can be safer from the invaders. You should also be careful that your Headquarters is well defended, because once the enemy player destroys it, all of your other buildings blow up.

    You should use mines near strategic locations close to the beach, so attacking troops will have a harder time getting past them. You should use sniper towers, so while your mines distract the enemy, your snipers can take them off one by one.

    Also remember that each battle has a countdown timer of around 4 minutes. It’s the limit for the battle time, so if your base can take on the invaders that long, you survive the assault. Some might feel like it’s cheating to prolong a battle just to survive it, without really throwing everything in to fight, but it might be a smart thing to do against a tough enemy player.

    You also have a chance to not explore that far into the world while you are learning the mechanics of the game, so you will be less likely to be attacked. The more native islands you set free from the Blackguard, the more likely you will be invaded sooner or later and since finding more Blackguard requires proceeding further on the world map, you might be better off upgrading your base before doing so.


    As an attacker, you can consider multiple ways to try and destroy an enemy base. You can go sneaky and try to send your troops near the sides of the enemy base and try to take out smallers, less important building, then going for the Headquarters and destroying it. Smarter players will not leave such holes open on their defenses, but you can “cheat” less good players, who are not careful enough.

    If you can’t go sneaky, you might consider using a Heavy or a similar unit to tank the enemy fire. Send it in front of your other soldiers so he takes the hits, while your troops destroy the enemy turrets and defenses.

    If your enemy has a lot of single target defenses, you might consider rushing them down with a lot of smaller units like Rifleman. This tactic might not work that well on later levels, but in the early ones it can be very useful.

    Most importantly, always use the “Scout” option before you take on another player. While the Blackguard might not be that hard to defeat a lot of the time, players are real human beings, who might be smarter on their defense placements and if you are not prepared, you might be defeated fast. It’s a good thing to remember that you can’t win every battle. There will always be some loses, but you can rebuild stronger and take on your enemies for revenge!

    Review of Boom Beach

    Even while I’m usually not the best at these type of games, I found Boom Beach to be an easy to pick up game. It has a simple tutorial which shows you the most important parts of the gameplay, then let’s you figure more complicated things out on your own. It’s not a bad thing at all, since it teaches players to think for themselves and that is the way to success in this game.

    Managing my base is simple enough, but made me think about the possibilites often. Do I place my Vault in the back, near my Headquarters or place it to the side, further from other buildings so it doesn’t get destroyed by a Bomb that easily? These are the questions you ask yourself while building your base. It takes a while for the buildings to construct, which at first doesn’t seem that long, but as you upgrade more and more, it starts to take a long time. For example my Headquarter’s upgrade to level 2 took half a hour, while building it to level 3 takes around 1 hour. I can only imagine higher levels would be much more.

    I was a little surprised by the fact that you can only construct one building at a time, so you either have to wait until it’s finished, or speed it up with diamonds. Once you have most of your basic buildings that you want and all you have left is upgrading, you might not be able to play the game for that long at once. So taking breaks and coming back multiple times during the day seems like the way the developers imagined the game to be played.

    Once I felt somewhat content with my base, I proceeded onto defeating the Blackguard. Most of the early islands were easy to liberate from them, but there are always higher leveled ones, which provide some challenge. I often started losing some troops when fighting Blackguard that are 1-2 levels higher than me. Once you get home from a battle, you can get more troops in the place of the lost ones, but it also takes time just as construction.


    The most fun I had with the game was the combat, the invading of enemy bases. It’s just very satisfying to lead your squad out there and order them with Flares, while raining Bombs on the enemy’s buildings. They might be a little sad once they log in, but that’s part of the game. I also had times where I was the attacker and the enemy player had such good defenses that I lost the battle and lost all of my troops, since I got absolutely destroyed.

    I never felt like I needed to spend money on diamonds, since the game starts you off with a good amount of them and you can also find treasure chests on the world map, which provide more of them, not even mentioning that you also get diamonds for the achievements. You also start out with a nice amount of gold, but I soon realized that I explored too many islands and my gold has become scarce. I had to fight a lot of Blackguard to get more gold from the natives and for my victories. Other resources like wood also seem to run out pretty fast if you keep building all the time and it’s harder to get them than gold, which is a minor annoyance.

    Overall the game was fun to play, but all the waiting on the construction and recruiting troops might bore some players after a while. For now I’m enjoying the fact that I can raid other players to fight and try to outsmart their defenses. There is some very rewarding feeling you get once you successfully destroy a base for the first time.

    There are also no ads in the game, at least none showed for me during the whole time I played it, which is a great thing nowadays.


    Artwork: The game’s artwork overall is very pleasing, I give it a 8/10. It’s a bit childish and a little silly, but it fits the whole idea of the game. It doesn’t want to take itself extremely seriously. It’s easy on the eyes and everything is easy to find. The buttons on the screen are placed well and the pictures on them makes it useful to understand what each of them mean. For example if you want to use a Flare, your eyes immediately stuck to the beautiful Flare icon in the corner of the screen. It’s a well rounded out style.

    Music & SFX: I give the game’s music a 6/10. I liked the music in the menus way more than the music which is played ingame. The menu music makes me pumped for the battles of the game, while the ingame music is very calm and relaxing, while also not being very unique or too interesting. The SFX on the other part is pretty good, nothing bad to say about it.

    Story & Originality: I give the game’s story a 6/10. The story itself is not very unusual or unique, it’s a simple “you have to defeat the bad guys, who are kidnapping and forcing the good natives to work for them” staple. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the story and it fits the style of the game, but I personally crave for something more and something special. It’s well worth the 6 rating though.

    General Gameplay: The general gameplay gets a 8/10 from me. It’s well designed and mechanically fun. I like the base building, except the long waiting times. Even if you don’t like managing your base that much, you will find a lot of joy in the combat, which is the best part of the gameplay in my opinion.

    Addictiveness: I give the game a 8/10 for addictiveness. I can see people wanting to come back day after day to upgrade their base and defenses, defeat others and progress on the leaderboards. There are lots of things that make this game addicting and the developer knows it very well!

    Overall Score: 7/10.