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Boost your Android Phone with Systweak Android Cleaner

Apr 13, 2016

Boost your Android Phone with Systweak Android Cleaner: Android devices are smart enough to keep infectious elements at bay. Still one litter hampers its functioning time and again. It is slow speed, too many cache files and poor battery backup. An Android Phone with all these drop outs is certain to lag.

What’s the rescue? It’s getting a cleaner app!

There are ample alternatives available on Play Store for this, but choosing the best always remains a dilemma. Amongst many, Systweak Android Cleaner impressed us. Therefore, we decided to share its features with all in need.Systweak Android Cleaner

Systweak Android Cleaner is a moderate size app cache cleaner, speed booster, battery saver, and file and app manager. It releases memory and enhance RAM with its one tap Phone Booster. The app is designed with many more functionalities that are listed below:

Junk File CleanerSystweak Android Cleaner App

Junk Files are accurately calculated and deleted. We found this section apt, since it precisely digs out the files that should not hold space in our phone’s precious memory. Preview of all cache files is simple and these are deleted with user’s consent.

Battery SaverSystweak Android Cleaner Battery Storage

This section lists all those applications that consume most battery in your phone. You need to enable battery saver of app and then select the app to optimize battery. We found this battery saver good as almost all heavy apps got listed and we could manage our phone better.

Storage ManagerSystweak Android Cleaner Storage Manager

Users have the access over all their data through its Storage Manager. You can preview and delete all unwanted files at once. But we got upset with its loading time function. Every time you open this section, takes a few seconds to load all files.

App ManagerSystweak Android Cleaner App Manager

Its App Manager is good and impressed us. Any app can be uninstalled and archived using this function. It helps eliminating the long process that you usually follow to uninstall an app. Also an archive option is available which will make any app ineffective while being in your phone.

Settings- Major Highlights  

You must not miss its settings, they are icing on the cake. The app has auto cleaning feature with which your phone will be optimized in every 2, 4, 6, and 8 hours, without you paying much attention to it.

To support this feature, developers have also added notification option, which can be enabled and disabled as per user convenience. Next is it’s ignore list. Any app can be selected in the list to ignore optimizing it. Finally, the app has many inbuilt languages, making itself accessible for users all over the world.


The app doesn’t have any major drawback, but security option could have been added. We expect developers to bring this update soon.

In all, this app is good and can be chosen in the Android Cleaner lot. We give this phone booster 4.5 out of 5 stars.

It’s available on Google Play store for free.

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