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Borderlands 2 User Scores Tossed on Steam After Review Bombing

Apr 8, 2019

You might have heard this past week about Borderlands 3 being an exclusive to Epic Games Store for the first six-months after it launches in the near future. It appears that this news really has angered people in the last week.

Borderlands 1 and Borderlands 2 have been review bombed on Steam following the announcement. This review-bombing has led to Valve removing the user scores on Borderlands 2, which is the first game to have that happen since the rule change a month ago. Keep reading to learn more about the rule change that started last month and how this rule has impacted Borderlands 2 this past week.

Borderlands 2 User Scores Tossed Out on Steam After Anger-Driven Review Bombing

This past week fans were angered when it was announced that the upcoming Borderlands 3 release was going to be an Epic Games Store exclusive for the first six-months after release. Instead of the game releasing to Steam right away, it will not be available for a while. Of course, people were angered because of this news and this led to both Borderlands 1 and Borderlands 2 being review-bombed on Steam. We told you about a month ago that Valve put new rules in place on Steam which would remove user scores if it was determined they were coming from a review-bombing event.

It appears that Borderlands 2 is now the first game to have user scores thrown out because of the review-bombing practice. Review bombing is basically the practice of often times negatively reviewing a game based on things outside of the game itself. It happens when a developer or publisher angers the gamers for some reason.

You might not think it does, but it really does mess with the overall scores and reviews of the game. The new rules allow for flagging of what Valve considers to be an off-topic review. Valve was able to look at the latest user scores and reviews following the Borderlands 3 announcement, and realized that there was definite review-bombing going on.

Borderlands 2 Customer Reviews Page Shows Unusual Activity on Steam After Review Bombs Began

When looking at the numbers, the game has more than 92,497 overall user views. The game was released back in 2012, so a high number of customer reviews is to be expected. This game has a very overwhelming review of positive. There were more than 1,107 very recent reviews that were also listed as very positive. Valve was able to look though and see that between April 3 and April 6, there were an abnormal amount of overall reviews of the game. This was after the Borderlands 3 Epic Games Store announcement, and Valve determined this unusual activity to be due to review bombs.

Valve said that in that date range, it had figured out that the reviews are unrelated for the most part of whether or not you would enjoy the Borderlands 2 game itself. These reviews were then tossed from the reputation score of Borderlands 2 under the new rules imposed last month. That means Borderlands 2 is the first game to end up with reviews tossed under the new rules.

The rules are all about trying to get rid of review bomb situations. It does appear that most people are angry because of the news 2K Games and Gearbox Software have decided to make Borderlands 3 an Epic Games Store exclusive for six-months. For Epic Games, this will be the third exclusive which is great for a game store that only launched back in December 2018.

Reviews Tossed on Steam Due to Review Bombs Still Remain But Don’t Count Towards Review Score

It’s important to point out that Valve is not removing the reviews themselves and they are still there to be read by the gamers. You can change your personal settings if you do or don’t want to see these within the overall review score. So while the reviews themselves remain, Valve just will remove those from the overall review score of the game.

Review bombs have become a huge issue within Steam, which is why Valve changed the rules a month ago. Off-topic comments and complaints do nothing to help someone determine whether or not they would like the game itself. Many other methods in the past were used to try to stop the review bombs but often times it didn’t work. The new system will flag suspicious review activity, and then those suspicious reviews and scores are tossed out.

Epic Games itself has also had some issues lately, including the fact that user reviews are not yet part of the Store. Epic Games said that it will hold off on adding the review system until it can find out how to accurately and effectively remove reviews that would be considered review-bombing. So it appears Epic Games is looking at what has been going on at Steam and wants no part of that review bomb campaign so many gamers engage in.

In the comments below, we want to know if you are a fan of Epic Games and if you think Epic Games is going to outpace Steam in the future. Do you think the Borderlands 3 exclusive deal is going to make more people head over to Epic Games? What else do you want Steam to do in order to prevent these review bombs from getting through the system?