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Bots and Businesses – Facebook Messenger’s latest update

Apr 15, 2016

Bots and Businesses – Facebook Messenger’s latest update: New update has been in rumors that Facebook’s standalone instant messaging app will now have a new chat bot feature from which users will allow to direct conversations with the company’s automated representatives. The new update of the Messenger app shows the new heading “Bots and Business” that is added in the app. This can be seen on when creating a new message or when searching or as contacts.Bot work on Facebook

Bots and Businesses – Facebook Messenger’s latest update

The new feature has been spotted by Engadget and they added at the company’s annual developer conference F8 that Facebook can soon announce the arrival of chatbots in the Messenger app. It is also added with the prior update Messenger app listed as Businesses with the list of companies, users can easily interact for inquiries and customer support.
The new update “Bots and Business” heading is not yet visible in India even after the latest update to Messenger app for Android and iOS, may be it can be region specific feature.

Till now, there are no words and it is not clear that whether this new chatbot feature in Facebook Messenger app will be available for publications also or will it be only limited to just businesses.
At Facebook’s annual global developer conference that will be starting from Tuesday at Fort Mason in San Francisco we are expecting to hear more about the new feature of this Messenger app.

Just to recall, without leaving any conversation or downloading the ride-hailing ap, Facebook had previously allowed the third-party integrations into its Messenger app like the Messengers users were hail to Uber rides directly from the app.
The company also had announced few days back a tie up with the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines from which the air travellers will able to get all and every piece of information which are related to their travel on Messenger even including their boarding pass.
Today, over 900 million users are actively using the Facebook.