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Burner Receives Major Update

Oct 30, 2015

Having a temporary phone number, for some people, is extremely practical. One common use of a temporary number one selling an item online and not wanting buyers to see your personal details. Another common use is on dating websites, where users do not want to give their own personal information to people that they do not know very well.

With temporary phone numbers, it is now much easier to avoid constantly being harassed or annoyed without having to go through the process of changing phone numbers.

The Update


One of the most popular applications which provide temporary phone numbers to its users, on both iOS and Android devices, is called Burner. The application provides temporary North American phone numbers, which are discarded of after use. The developer of the application, Burner, has released a huge update earlier this week. Now, Burner gives users a whole load of new options and features, as well as upgraded, easy to use interface and premium version. The biggest improvements on the Burner application are support for Androids latest version, 6.0 Marshmallow, privacy, security, as well as general and core functionality.

The new security features are extremely practical since it allows users to block calls as well as texts from individual numbers. This means that it is extremely easy to avoid being annoyed and harassed, even when using a temporary/disposable number.

Another feature included in the update is the ability to toggle whether caller ID is provided to the receiver of the call. This feature is now completely available in the version of Burner for Android and seems to be very useful and practical.

Another highly anticipated feature is the premium subscriptions. This new subscription service allows users to easily renew their numbers on a recurring basis – this can save a lot of time for busy people.

The last feature is called Burner Connections – this feature is an attempt to integrate users’ secondary phone numbers with a number of different third-party applications. With the new feature in place, users are now able to quickly save their voicemails and photographs into an online Dropbox account – this ensures that all voicemails and photographs are easy to access. On top of that, users are able to create and edit nifty auto responses through Evernote, replace text messages as well as voice notes using a team Slack channel, and upload the voice mails to Soundcloud. Burner has also stated this, regarding the new connections feature: “Burner users have been using Connections for all kinds of things, from promoting their music to running their startups.”

The new connections side of Burner is able to demonstrate a huge potential for expansion, which we can expect to see as the developer continues to have more and more applications into the main Burner application – many people can see this being a massive potential for small businesses who have their own applications.


The Burner application is available for Android devices. It is a completely free download, but users can expect to be spending money via in-app purchases.

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